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Monday, April 25, 2011

Belated Stash Report - week 17

A Belated Happy Easter to you all!

We were out of town over the weekend and returned last night, after dark, tired and a bit stressed out from the car antics of a sleepy 4 year old who wouldn't "give up the ghost."  (Where did that saying come from, I wonder...)

On the fun side we hung out with "Papa and the two grammies" as my son calls my stepdad, my mom, and my grandma.  What did we do Saturday you might be asking.  Well, we went to the largest quilt shop in southern Indiana, the Stitching Post, in Washington! 
This shop is about a 2 hour drive from my grandma's house and my parents had taken Grandma there one year for Mother's Day.  There's is also a buffet style restaurant that they like where we all over ate after shopping.  My mom doesn't quilt but she sews, sew she appreciates all the fabric and came out with some Chez Moi to make a  blouse for the county fair this summer.  I told her to save me the scraps - LOL!

After getting my bearings - there was so much fabric - I found some fabric to bring home, ummm, 3.25 yds to be exact.  As we all know, it adds up!  Here are my purchases:
Some more Civil War prints (1/2 yds).  Could not resist that light paisley, and the green, and the gold all from Jo Morton.  The browns are Harper's Ferry by Nancy Gere and were on the sale rack.

I did not purchase the brand spanking new Primitive Quilts and Projects.  That was a win from Kathy Schmitz's blog.  It has some really pretty projects - and it's all projects, not half magazine and half advertisements (I'm not much of a magazine reader, hate all those ads).  Highly recommend it if you're looking for some new projects.

I got a FQ of a cute B&W and 1/2 yard of Luna Notte for a bag project with a candy bar stack.  I noticed that when this shop buys something from a line, it seemed to buy the whole line - what fun! - there were more than 20 bolts of Luna Notte with less than half left on them.

My birthday is coming up so my mom gave me my gifts this weekend.  She found this book at TSC (that's Tractor Supply Company for you city folk!).
Can't wait to read it!  Of course, I've already looked at all the blocks.

My stepdad embroidered this apron.  I mentioned that I had almost bought one at the local quilt show last month that had this saying on it.  He played with the font and added the sewing machine and quilt block.  I like the red!  This is s...e...w me!

Oh - and one more addition to the stash.  I ordered some Sunkissed from 1 Choice for Quilting.  As you know, I've won two of their giveaways and have plans for the Sunkissed.  On the our local shop hop I found out that there are about 6 different prints of this line in our area.  So, I ordered 2 yds from Shawna.

Not only did I get the fabric beautifully packaged and delivered for $2.95 shipping, but there was also a lovely handwritten Thank You note.  Love the packaging -  each cut in its own bag with an id label.  The small pink pieces were little extras with a note asking if I had room for them!  The nail file was an extra goodie, too.

Shawna has started the Quilting Book Club blog - hop over and check it out.

Now for the numbers!  I must go on a fabric diet....after Paducah this weekend! Who knew that half yard cuts and FQs would add up so quickly?!

Used this Week:   0
Used year to Date: 28.875 (28 7/8)
Added this Week:  5.25 (5 1/4)
Added Year to Date: 47.67
Net Used for 2011:   -18.795

Click over to Judy's and see some more stash reports!  Have a good week!


  1. I am really enjoying your blog and just became a follower. I shall check out the sites you mentioned and of course, check out the repros.

  2. A belated happy birthday to you. My dh's birthday is today. I have the Farmer's Wife book. I love it, but haven't started making any of the blocks yet.


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