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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moving in the right direction (stash report week 42)

It took about two weeks to gather the motivation to get the backing put together for Easy Street and get it to a long-armer from my guild. Since I no longer delay the gratification of counting fabric "out" until the binding is on, these numbers thrill me and put the "used" numbers back in the black - WooHoo!!

Like many quilters I consider patterns as a guideline, my Easy Street easily covered my queen size without the two borders that Bonnie used.  So, I put on narrow side borders and wider top/bottom borders to make it rectangular rather than square, measuring 91x95.  It took 8.33 yds to back it and 10.41 yds of scraps for the front (8.33x1.25).  That's 18.74 yds total - and I double checked my math b/c that is a crazy amount of fabric!

12.5x16.5 unfinished

Yesterday was our quilty friends sew day.  What a great day we had - good food - good conversation - good laughs.  

After working on borders and backing, I needed a small project.  I had been using the HSTs in this pattern as leader/enders while I worked on Easy Street.  Today I put them all together - love it!

At retreat one year ago I put this UFO top into sections.  Then, I had holiday projects to finish and never got back to it.  (Be Merry by BitsnPieces)

The hang up was the checkerboard border.  After doing Easy Street, I've learned to just buck up and stitch!  So, that's what I did yesterday.  I haven't counted to see how many more I need.  Then there's the inner border to figure but maybe I can get the top together by the holidays.

Back in the black!!!

Used this week: 18.74
Used YTD: 110.088
Added this week: 0
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 100.25
Net used YTD: 9.838

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Have a great week!


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