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Friday, November 30, 2012


In doing all this UFO work I had been using the 3.5" squares that I cut from the modern scraps as my leader/enders in the featherweight (which really works much better with a leader/ender).

4th of July 4 patches

Guess what, all 80 four patches are done for the Fourth of July pattern.  That was with no effort!  I am now sold on keeping a leader/ender project going!

Of course, the queen of the l/e projects is Bonnie Hunter of  Did I tell you that I registered for one of her workshops that is being held in Bloomington, Indiana, at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in March?  I went to grad school in Bloomington - such a great college town.  And, I knew from looking at her calendar that she is booked through 2015, when I think she's coming to St. Louis.  Who can wait more than 2 years for a great class?

Bonnie's latest mystery, Easy Street, will most likely be my next l/e project.  The second clue posted this morning.  Yesterday, I finally cut a few 2" strips and started on the first clue. Here are my B&W backgrounds and my constant fabric, the taupe.

Easy Street backgrounds Pt 1

There are over 200 quilters working on this mystery, per Bonnie's linky post from Monday. Some will have a completed top the day after the last clue posts.  However, I will not be among that number!  Our weekend forecast is for temps in the high 60s - crazy for December in the midwest.  So, my time will likely be spent doing something other than sitting inside at the sewing machine.

If you think you might like to do this mystery sometime, go ahead and save each clue.  Bonnie plans to use this pattern in her next book and will remove it from her site in June.

See what others have been working on this week.  Click over to Confession of a Fabric Addict for a little Friday Whoop Whoop.


  1. Fun leader/enders! I need to get back into that habit. I'm having such fun watching Easy Street all over the web, you have a great assortment of black & whites.

  2. I too have been doing leaders and enders. They really make me happy. Good luck with the Easy street quilt. I wanted to join, but I just have way to much right now.

  3. Leader/enders make quilts appear almost by magic. Yours looks very promising.


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