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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why am I still buying fabric?

to be quilted

Ya'll are laughing at that question, aren't you?

Yeah, I know, we all know why.  That's why we're here.  No one else understands us.

I finally updated my master list for the new year.  The fact that I use an entire sheet of paper for this is telling.  I list "tops/projects (ready) to quilt," "tops/projects to finish," "blocks to finish," and "projects to cut."

to be put together, pieced border
There are 5 tops ready to quilt. There are 11 tops to finish, which means that all the components are ready to go together into one piece. There are 8 projects with blocks/steps that need to be finished.

That's a lot right there, huh?

project boxes
This is the one has me asking myself the big question above. There are 16 items on my "projects to cut" list.  SIXTEEN!!  Projects go on that list when I have fabric pulled for them.  With the addition of the muslin, I just placed 2 more projects on that list.

So, why am I buying more fabric?  It may take me 3-4 years to get through those 16 projects, a few of which are small.

Maybe I need help!


  1. Haha! Sounds just like a post I put on my blog the other day suggesting I need an intervention with my fabric buying lately! Aren't we lucky it doesn't go off!

  2. Lighten up on yourself lady. I still have many more UFOs than you and I still am starting new projects this year. We are all in this together, remember. I AM going to get some of my UFOs done this year, though. You just wait and see!!


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