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Sunday, November 3, 2013

UFO Time Crunch (stash report week 44)

Now, I really must get quilting!

had it rolled this week 
The jelly roll Pineapple Blossom for my MIL needs to be finished before the holidays, preferably before Thanksgiving.  At our last guild meeting Dar, of Dar's Patchwork Garden, recommended Sharon Schamber's method of thread basting.

I'd read about it, read raves about it, but didn't seriously think of trying it myself.  However, Dar was so positive, that I went out and bought two MDF trim boards and in less than a few hours, had the lap quilt all basted using two strands of floss. No worries about the back being crinkly or wrinkly. 

And now I can count the front and back in the "used" column.  The backing is 4.3 yards so the scrappy front is 5.375 (4.3x1.25) for a total of 9.675 yards!

The quilting design came to me while I was basting as well.  So, maybe I will give that a start today.  We'll see!  I have holiday preparations to work on (i.e. cleaning the house thoroughly) and a yard to finally, once and for all, put to bed for the winter.

My additions came in a package from a Flickr charm swap.  This round we swapped one yard of neutrals and one yard of text fabrics.  As you can see, several of the text fabrics are also neutrals.

Leona, our generous hostess, also sent along some lovely batik strips, 27 to be exact.  They are so pretty and are colors that I do not have.  A scrappy batik quilt must be in next year's plans!

To the numbers......

Used this week: 9.675
Used YTD: 119.763
Added this week:2.0
Gifted this week: 1.875
Added YTD: 107.375
Net used YTD: 12.388

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  1. I am so pleased that you tried my suggestion on using Sharon's method to baste your quilt. II think it's safe to say that it went well and that you accomplished it easily. You deserve a gold star and just look at your great stash numbers! I'm so proud of you! I was all set to lend you my boards and show you one of mine that has been basted for 5 years (and not quilted yet), but it still looks good and no rusty safety pins to worry about.

    Your charm swap and those luscious colored batik strips are great additions to your stash. Definitely a batik quilt in the making.

  2. Fun acquisitions! Congrats on being in the black!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to Sharon's method of basting. I went out and got all the stuff. I am getting ready to cut out a baby quilt and will try this basting method.


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