At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Change...just that time of year

As much as I wanted to sew - I couldn't get near my work space today as it was about 10 feet from the work zone.  We're getting a new hot water heater -- bye, bye old tank.

Hello new, tankless hot water heater!

My sewing space is in the finished part of the basement but still too near all the commotion.  It gave me the chance to catch up on some blogging.  My son now goes to preschool 3 days instead of 4 days - my, my what a difference 5 hours makes to my week!

Took the opportunity to finish the yard.  Emptying pots, putting stuff in the shed, planting this poor cabbage that had been sitting on my porch for a week, at least.

This afternoon we can finally carve our pumpkin, which has also been sitting on the porch for a week.  Until last night it was just too warm to cut it.  It was 80 degrees here Monday!

Tomorrow we will finally see some normal temps with highs in the 60s and it may get down to freezing tonight - I'm ready and still shunning my jacket b/c it feels so god to be chilly after the summer we had.

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