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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stash Report - week 6

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

 I am married to a NFL fanatic!  We have "the Ticket" and most Sunday afternoons around our house for 16 weeks are quite restful: TV, food on trays, even some sewing - all very low key.  Today it all ends - we have to fill that time.  Not too hard once the weather gets warm but it is tough for the month of February.  DH even goes through some withdrawal - I catch him watching arena football - LOL!

Are you heading off to a special day at your LQS?  Or, are you going to a party later?  I am going shopping at an LQS that I've not visited before to get some Civil War (CW) fabric.  Our guild is having a CW BOM with a kicker - we can put our block, done in CW fabrics, into the pool and we'll have a drawing to win all the blocks - cool. I think I might make two blocks - one 12.5" block for the pool and one 6.5" block for me.  I have enough bed size quilts to quilt (and not enough time). 

On to the stash....
I've not completed a project this week, well, one sample.  I've been working on quilting a lap quilt that my long armer basted for me back in November. I had SID'd it but need to finish it up.

This is the sample for my LQS.  It is a petite Tulip Purse, one size smaller than the two I completed last week at retreat (this post).  As you can see, I need to topstitch and it is done.  I took out one seam last night, the stitches were very irregular and it was 10PM - much too late for me after a long day.
My LQS owner wanted a purse to kit that would appeal to little girls.  'Tis the season for hearts!

This is the first time I've used the button cover kit.  Any tips for getting all that fabric inside the button.  See those little tips sticking out? Arggh!

With all the cold and snow, my son has been doing crafty projects.  My last two trips to Joann's have been for tacky glue and felt.  Here's a project from
Sorry he's sideways, but you get the idea.

It would be easier for me to sew this than to glue it but DS likes to use the glue and then he can say that HE did it.

My report increases and decreases by one yard, for the tulip purse sample, so the net remains the same.  A rather unexciting week for the numbers.  Just wait til I go shopping....

Used this Week: 3.375   (2 3/8 yds)
Used year to Date: 8.125 (7 1/8)
Added this Week: 1
Added Year to Date:  11.5
Net Used for 2011:  -3.375

Head on over to Patchwork Times to see everyone else's stash busting progress.

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  1. Very cute purse, love the fabric. Love your son's project too, too cute!


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