At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


How many of you suffer from allergies?  The older I get, the worse they get.  Or, could it be that I have slime mold allergies and live in a county with 3 rivers running through it, 2 of which are less than 8 and 20 miles away, respectively?  And it has rained like mad here for the better part of the week. The county health department says that the mold spores are "high" today.  Hhhmmmm.....

I do see an allergist and he is my favorite doctor b/c he wants to get at the "why" of my problems and not just fix them for now.  I like that! 

So, rather than being outside on this beautiful day I am waiting for my headache that I woke up with to go away.  I lost 2 days last week to allergy problems and now they're back so the regimen is in high gear: sinus wash 2-4 times per day, mucinex, prescription nasal spray, prescription pill, Advil for inflamation tons of water/tea (juice and soda do not count as water according to my allergist, however the soda helps with tummy ickiness), and the final ingredient to try before I head to the doctor - Affrin.

Gotta be careful with Affrin, apparently it is addictive.  You can only use it for 3 days, then 3 days off. I'm back to the the 3 days on today!

While I'm sitting here waiting on the "treatments" to kick in, I thought I would take time to say "hi" to everyone.  I usually only post on Sundays b/c I just don't have time to do more this spring and summer.  Between my 4 yr old, housework, sewing/quilting, walking the dog, going to the gym/yoga, and working on the current consulting gig, time is all taken up.

Speaking of the DS: he goes to Papa and Grammy's house this weekend for a 4 day visit on the farm!  DH and I are so excited.  Since none of our family lives close, we don't get many breaks, especially overnight ones.  My in-laws, who are city people, asked DH if he was afraid that DS would get kicked in the head by a horse!  Puh-lease! - see, these are the farm girl moments that I need to share!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. When we moved to Northern Mo most of our allergies stopped. But there really aren't that many trees at all. I have lived with bad allergies my whole life. I always ended up needing breathing treatments around Labor Day as the mold was really high.

    And time alone??? What in the world is that???? Enjoy every single minute of that!


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