At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We're free.... (Stash Report Week 26)

Visitors to our yard this week.

Child free, that is!  DS is at Papa and Grammy's house, i.e. on the farm, this week.  He was amazed at how big everything is, the yard, the horses, the dog (a giant schnauzer)!

What did DH and I do on our first free day?  Well, we watched some shows on Netflix and napped - exciting, huh?  Today we are heading out to Missouri wine country and due to storms overnight, I'm packing not only the unbrella but a couple of towels.

So, here's a short bit about what I've done this week.

A couple blog wins.  The first I had forgotten about and so had Moda Lissa but someone reminded her and she contacted me, sew there was a lot of reminding going on!  All of this was in a little box - can't wait to try the Auriful thread.

Then, Teresa at The Green Bag Lady gave away more green bag lady bags (have you made one yet? - sew simple) AND some fabric.

This is a bundle of 10 organic FQs from Cloud9 Fabrics.  I started making a Mill House Inn tote bag yesterday that I had hoped to finish up but I'm adding pockets and, well, just taking my time. 

Now, my bag will have the same dimensions and construction, but it won't look quite like the Mill House Inn tote, which is based on using a honey bun (1.5" strips).  Maybe I will have time to show you when I finish it in the next few days!

Here's one near finish.  I finally got around to quilting the wall hanging from the QAL with Sew Lux Fabrics.  Got a new single line rose template - love it!

I plan to bind it by turning the backing to the front.  Never done that before but should reduce bulk on something so small. are the numbers:

This week's numbers:
Used this Week:  0
Used year to Date: 40
Added this Week: 2.5
Added Year to Date:  65.8
Net Used for 2011:   -25.8

Head over to Judy's blog for more stash busting reports.


  1. Ah, sounds like adult fun. Just relaxing fun. Your visitor is grand.

  2. Lots fo projects - and time for napping! Sounds like vacation to me - enjoy your child free time and wine country tour!

  3. I love the little lady bug. What is it? Pin cushion?

    I finally figured out what I was doing wrong to see your site. I saved the daily blog where you had the Kaffe fabrics so it always went there and didn't update. Silly me!

    I hope you guys had fun at the winery and didn't get stormed out. The lightning here was SCARY!

  4. That single rose template looks beautiful,one of these days I am going to try templates;)

  5. The pinwheels are lovely! I tried my first ones this past week, and they are hard! Enjoy getting some projects done without your little one about.

  6. I am also trying out Auriful thread this week! I have two weights that i have to decide between. Let me know how you like it!

  7. I never considered Missouri to be a wine country place. Maryland and Florida surprised me too. Sounds like you are due for another win...things come in threes they say. Sandi

  8. Congrats on your stack from Cloud9, would love to see what you make from the fabrics!


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