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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow and Stash Report Week 30

Fishing at Papa's house.

Are you keeping cool?!  It's a hard job these days, isn't it?  Through the powers of social media, some of my high school classmates (all 88 of us - lol) got together and bought one of our classmates with health issues an air conditioner.  It was rather amazing that it all happened during the course of a day with all of us spread around 3 or 4 states!

This week we met my husband's sister and her family about 2 hours away.  My BIL was taking some classes so they made a little vacation out of it.  While in the car and sitting about, I got one polka dot hexie completed. Check out the How Does Your Garden Grow sew along at Pigtales and Quilts.

My nephew is 7 and just learned in cub scouts how to hand sew.  He started a hexie, too, and got half of it done before we headed home, sew I left him thread and needle and 3 more petals to finish it up.  I started them for him so we may have to skype so I can show him how to start the petals himself.  Isn't that cute?!  His sister also wanted to sew but she's not yet 4.  Guess I will need to get a couple projects ready for their December visit.

That's about it on the sewing front.  The heat just makes me want to lie down with a good book when I have a few free moments.

I did complete two pillowcases.  One for my nephew in soccer fabric. I had doll quilts for my niece so I needed something for her brother.

And one for my son in the horse fabric he selected at the LQS. Doing them together took me less than 2 hours, from cutting to end.  Wouldn't have taken that long if I hadn't done so much "air" sewing.  Really wish my machine told me when the bobbin is empty!

However, I did get a start on putting together a 3rd bed size top. I'm digging into the UFO boxes for piecing projects as I have too many projects that need quilting to allow myself to start another piecing project.

This is the Scrappy Friendship quilt pattern that a magazine sends out with it's subscription solicitation (Fons & Porter, I think).  My Viking dealer set up the fabric swap - trading something like 120 6" squares, maybe more than that.  I chose to set all my 5" HSTs in a pinwheel setting.  Before borders it should finish about 80x80.

Earlier this summer I participated in two charm square swaps.  I thought maybe I had counted it "out" when I mailed off my charms but apparently I did not, thinking it would be coming back to me anyway. One red and white swap hosted by Sew Many Ways (125 charms).

And one polka dot swap hosted by Sewing in the Wendy City (80 charms).

This week's numbers:
Used this Week:  2
Used year to Date: 43.5
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date:  74.925
Net Used for 2011:   -31.425

Head over to Judy's blog for more stash busting reports. Have a great week!!


  1. Love the swap fabrics. Any plans for them?

  2. I love your "air" sewing. Made me laugh from down deep. Frankly your sewing machine can (and mine does) give you the nearly empty bobin shout out, but there is a big tendency to just push it a bit longer than one should. I'm playing in a swap of two purples right now. I've only received 2 so far. Hope I get back at least what I've sent out...I'm at -6 FQs right now :(! Sandi

  3. Meant to mention how wonderful the gift of the AC was for your classmate. Only 88 in your class? One doesn't find that too much lately. Hope the weather conditions change for the better soon. Sandi

  4. No concrete plans - oh, I like to think about it - but I'm not going to start on them til I have a few more finishes under my belt.

  5. I love your polka dot hexie flower! :)

  6. Beautiful little hexie flower, and it sounds like you have some new sewing companions! That is so sweet that you and your classmates were able to gift the AC to one of them. Love all your projects, I think we all have lots of them but always want to start new ones.

  7. You've been busy ... like your dottie hexie!
    I've posted your July hexie flowers and wished them safe and speedy travel.


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