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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A jacket?!! (stash report week 38)

Hello, hello, hello!

Now I understand why people talk so much about the weather.  Since that nasty heat has left us and been replaced by cooler nights/days, I have more energy, I'm a nicer person - not so crabby, and I am getting a bit more done inside and especially outside!  Hhhmmm...maybe I should start playing the lotto again so we can get a summer house in a cool climate - lol!

Isn't it funny how we decide what we feel inspired to do?  For example, in my free evening time, rather than quilt the quilts that are ready to quilt - 3 of them!, I chose to make more hexie flowers!  Check out more pretty flowers at Pigtales & Quilts.

I also did not choose to start my next Clover & Violet QAL embroidery block after I'd caught up a couple weeks ago.  I did not choose to square up all those hand pieced 9 patch blocks that I finally finished.  I did not choose to cut my setting kit for the Victory quilt.

I did choose to work with my scraps and selvedges this week and make a few gifties, that, unfortunately, I cannot show you atm.  I spent about one hour making my first ever crumb blocks, which I talked about yesterday.

Here's a bolt of fabric that is in my house.  Never had a brand new bolt in my house before.  It is not mine!

It's for my guild's Christmas block exchange.  I am in charge this year and must cut who-knows-how-many 13.5" squares that members purchase for $1, they use it to make a block, then their name goes into a drawing to win a selection of blocks. The more blocks we get, the more names we can draw.  Guess I should make up a sample block, huh?

It was late night at the LQS last night and I had plans to start cutting there.  It was 9pm and thought to myself, "maybe now's not a good time to wield a rotary cutter."

Since it was late night, I did my guild Civil War BOM block in a 6" and 12" version.

It's called Clay's Choice.

I also did two X's and O's blocks for the guild charity committee.  Taking the time to draw the diagonal lines might have helped because these did not come out well for being such a simple block - thank goodness for starch.  When I picked them up the lady at the table told me that people either love 'em of hate 'em, so I'm not the only that doesn't like the way they sew up!

The handles for my larger Green Lady bag are on - it is really nice to sling this one over my shoulder.  It's what I carried my projects in last night.  I put some batting scraps in there because no matter what some pattern may tell you, you always want a little padding in your shoulder straps.

(can you see the rain on the patio?  we've gotten a nice amount this week. that's my diffenbachia creating the shadow - had to bring in the house plants)

Oh-I had a little win from Amy Bradley.

Isn't this pattern cute? I just happened to be on Google reader when her birthday post came up.  This would mighty cute to do for my son's birthday.

This week I made one run to a LQS and bought 1/2 yd of this Hoffman batik - rasberry, I believe - at 20% off.

I also bought some more Heat Press Batting Together - love that stuff.  And two more spools of Isacord thread, one of which matched this quilt perfectly.

Since Isacord is thinner than 40 wt cotton, it really shows when I flatten a heart! practice, practice, practice.....

And a little story about presentation.  This LQS has been in business for over 20 years.  I had no idea it had this thread.  You see, the spools hang on posts on the wall - when you look at the wall you see the ends of the spools.  I happened to be walking along the wall and needing thread.

In contrast, the newest quilt shop displays the spools sitting upright against the wall.  This gives the viewer a wall of color that really catches the eye.  Quite a difference!

Used this Week:  0.25
Used year to Date: 47.25
Added this Week: 0.5
Added Year to Date: 93.15
Net Used for 2011:   -45.9

Head over the Judy's at Patchwork Times for more stash numbers.
Have a great week!!!


  1. Wow, lots going on with your projects.

  2. Great looking blocks. I am over from Stray Stitches. Linda gave us an award and I thought I would come over here and follow your blog!


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