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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A wee bit of organizing

Winter hit us Thursday but that didn't keep this on-a-budget-housewife from going to the grocery store for $10 off a $50 purchase - oh no!

Driving on the snow is an adventure, especially if one can stay off the interstates with their four lanes of traffic - uggh.  I take the the long way around so I might be one of only 2-3 cars on the road - then, it's fun. Actually, the hardest thing about Thursday was the cold blowing wind - bbrrr.

Friday it was still cold and DS was home all day.  We just stayed in.  It was one of those rare days where he was content to watch TV and glue felt and other little items onto paper while I looked at my sewing corner.

Remember these boxes?

I don't have any shelves so I knew I had to make some room for them.  I wanted to put some of my "ready-to-cut"projects in them.  You know, the ones where the fabric is all together with the pattern and you're waiting until you have the time to cut into it?

Yesterday revealed that there are more of these in my little sewing corner than I remembered. I used an old hard plastic sewing machine cover to turn the large shelf in the armoir (background of the photo above) into two shelves covered with plastic bags of projects.  Sorry, didn't think to get a before photo.

So I started taking stuff off the shelf and opening bags.

Here's some fabric and my written directions for a Bridle Path quilt.  It's a quilt block in my perpetual quilt calendar made up of 8 small 9 patches and HSTs that make a star pattern.  I'll have to get some pix for tomorrow.

Then, here's more fabric...

...and more fabric.

Luckily I leave myself notes and, after reading them and the receipts, realized that the top photo is borders and binding, the second is assorted fabric for the blocks, and the last photo is scraps that I picked up from the LQS sale scrap bags that might also work in the blocks.  This quilt has lots of options.  There's a lot of fabric there!

It didn't all fit into the large box, either, but I left myself note as to where I put the rest!

The boxes needed labels and the only fast thing I had were some business cards, a hole punch, and some red yarn.    Since the beer boxes have handles there's a bit of cardboard that turns up inside the box to protect your hands - perfect for looping the yarn around!

Here they are in place.  This is after I tried a few other options and before I put the other project bags on top of them again.  Oh - I should point out that one small box holds my mod podge supplies.  Appropriate, huh?

I'll be hitting Joann's tomorrow to get some more cheap fabric for the 4 beer boxes that I have saved, waiting to be upcycled.  I have requested of DH that he buy a couple more large boxes, too.  He said, "No problem!"

Check out some more WHOOP WHOOP! fun stuff at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. Perfect! great job organizing! Your tags will act as a To-Do list every time you see them!
    Whoop Whoop!

  2. Great idea with those boxes!
    I love snow photos ... I've never been in snow so maybe I wouldn't love them so much if I knew the truth about snow :)

  3. Lots of snow here in Chicago too......looks like it will all melt soon.

    I have three Sam Adams boxes here right now waiting to join the two others when I clear enuf space on my worktable to do them all at once. In the meantime, they are already filled with the "stuff" that will be stored in them....

    This has been such a good idea. I can't thank you enuf.

  4. What a smart organization trick! Whoop whoop!!!

  5. Great storage solutions and pretty, too!


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