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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Garden Post

It was too nice yesterday afternoon to do anything quilt related.  So, I finally went for a little walk in my teensy backyard.  Those are my three crocus in bloom.  All of my other bulbs are up but I no buds yet.

Then I noticed that my butterfly bushes, all 5 of them, have lots of new growth.  Now this is very unusual as by St. Patrick's Day, under normal weather conditions, they are still dormant or just beginning to grow some leaf buds.  This year, however, their leaves have stayed green - no dormancy (i.e. rest) this year.

After the crocuses bloom, then one of the earliest plants to bloom in my yard are my bleeding hearts.  They have reseeded themselves over the years and I can't tell you how many are in the yard.  Sure enough, there they are, those little purple tips just coming out of the ground. 
This is still February!  They shouldn't be up until after St. Patty's Day!

The day lilies are up!  Even more than the bleeding hearts, b/c they get more sun!  These are not early spring plants, they don't bloom until June. 

So, one good frost after all these plants are up and my garden may done before it really gets started this spring.

Here's the things that really "bugs" me about all this warm weather.  (Wonder if bugs will be another problem later on)


This little weed in particular is EVERYWHERE - the yard, the patios, the walkways, around almost every plant in my beds!!!!!  There was no significant freeze to make it go dormant either - it's been bright green, and growing rapidly, since fall.

I think it's called chickweed. It spreads by runners and becomes thick like carpet.  I already pulled a ton of it a few weeks ago (who in the midwest pulls weeds in January?).  Our temps are supposed to stay so warm this week that I will have to hit the garden shop and get some Roundup!

What's growing in your garden? 


  1. Lovely flowers, Kris. I'm worried about my garden too. This past few days we had an Arctic storm come through and dropped some much needed rain, but the temp plummeted. And this week end it's supposed to be in the 80s. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Stop by then. I kind of like that little weed -hehe

  2. We have rain and a little snow today but yesterday was a perfect Spring day. I didn't have anything coming up yet, your crocuses are beautiful!


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