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Monday, June 3, 2013

What a week! (stash report week 21)

It's been sort of like a vacation for me this week.  DS went to my mom's the day after school was out - that was last Friday.  He got home yesterday evening.  It was "sort of" like a vacation because DH couldn't get any time off, so I was home alone most of the week.

I did hit the quilting.  However, without someone else here doing the same, no major house cleaning happened.  I am a great believer in "misery loves company" and without someone here to keep me on track, I had no motivation to get any deep cleaning done.

Three UFO's got completed this week, binding-binding-binding - WooHoo!

T block collage

First, the T-block quilt for my step-dad, which is going home with him tomorrow with a note not to open until Father's Day.

Jacobs Ladder collage

And, then the very first quilt that is being used on our bed - Uncle Sam's Jacob's Ladder. Cheri quilted Baptist fans and I used the blue print for binding that I rejected as a border - knew I'd use it eventually, plus some was already cut.  This is our summer quilt, 100% Cream Rose Mountain Mist batting (very flat and not too warm for summer).

Apple Cider Collage

Finally, here' the Apple Cider quilt, the Marti Michell BOM.  I turned the back to the front as binding and I do not like it!  However, my not liking it does NOT outweigh my wanting to rip it out and do it over again!  The backing was a bit stretchy to me - not sure why - and it just didn't work as well for self binding as other backs that I've used.  This is our fall quilt with wool batting, oh so light.

I had hoped to get some other quilting done but instead I turned to my next UFO that is closest to being done - the Scrappy Friendship quilt.  It is now in one piece instead of three!  I haven't worked on this one since at least November.

I used Marti Michell's method of quilting in sections (book = Machine Quilting in Sections) and currently need to finish covering the seams via hand stitching the  strips over the seams.  I left a few quilting lines unquilted to finish once it was all in one piece, so I have those left to do.  Then, I plan to self bind it - yes, I really like this method when the backing cooperates, and I know this one will.

I finished the blocks for the 4th of July quilt.  I'm in no hurry to get this one done but thought it would be an easy top to finish at a sew day.  And, the piecing was easy while watching a couple of Mathew McConaughey movies this week (love that Texas drawl).

Since cutting is sometime the hardest part of starting a project,  I finished cutting the fabric for the 1930s Darlene Zimmerman pattern using feedsacks.  I had cut the charms but not the yardage.  Now this one is ready to be chain pieced at a sew day.

After doing the Pineapple Blossom workshop with Bonnie Hunter, I loved it so much I decided to make it for my mother-in-law.  I've an April Cornell Nature's Chorus jelly roll on my shelf for years.  I bought to make a quilt for my MIL b/c it's so springy and floral, very cheerful, her colors.  I needed to find the right pattern for it.
When I found this pretty little shirting (top) earlier this year, I knew I could use the jelly roll in the Pineapple Blossom pattern.  So, yesterday, I cut it all out with about 6 strips from the jelly roll to spare.  The original pattern uses 2" strips but Bonnie gives instructions for 2.5" strips as well to make 12" blocks. A jelly roll is just enough for 20 blocks.

So, my numbers only show binding, but I feel that I've accomplished a lot this week!

Used this week: 1.08
Used YTD: 61.58
Added this week: 0
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 58.75
Net used YTD: 2.83

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  1. Hello Kris you have been a busy camper. Really I like the binding on the back to front quilt. I have planned to do that technique and sorry that it is a bit stretchy I don't know why either.
    Wool batting sounds so cool.

  2. Who cares about cleaning when you could be sewing uninterrupted - look at what you accomplished instead! Love your T-block quilt, I wonder if your step Dad will be able to resist opening it early?

  3. What wonderful progress you have made! I love the T-block (and not just because it is my initial ;o)


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