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Monday, September 9, 2013

What a funk! (stash report week 36)

Flickr Low Volume swap (16 F8s)

A funk!

That's the only thing that describes my attitude these days, especially to my fabric and projects.

Can you believe that I received 5 yards of swap fabric this these past two weeks and didn't feel the thrill of having new fabric in the house?

Flickr Writing Surface swap (24 F8s)

I didn't even rush into the house and open the packages!  One sat on a table for about an hour!

Aye, aye, aye - what's wrong with me?  Hopefully, this too shall pass.

In trying rid myself of the "blahhs," I decided to give this mega card wallet a try. It holds 38 cards!

Sew Can She has a daily newsletter and an archive of free pattern links.  The instructions were easy and after cutting it and pressing the pieces, it went together quickly.

Mega card wallet

However, I would suggest having a credit card ready to make sure all the spaces are the right size.  So glad I thought to do this before stitching - wheww!

So, to the numbers that definitely need a finish:

Used this week: 0.375
Used YTD: 73.285
Added this week: 5 (swaps in)
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 98
Net used YTD: -24.715

Check out some more stash reports at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Have a great week!

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  1. I can really relate to how you're feeling since I'm in somewhat of a funk myself. I can't get motivated to post a blog even. At least you did that. Today is the first day in over a week that I have even checked anyone's blog. I hope we both kick this soon and get back to the excitement of quilting.


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