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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 1 update

I'm trying to finish projects and get ready to host out of town company over the holidays, so my mind isn't on the mystery.  But, I wish it were!  I need some mindless, repetitive sewing.

Of course, I'd have to cut out first, and I've not done much of that so far. Luckily, I'm doing the small version.

I am organized and ready to keep up with each clue. Need to get something besides a cardboard box, but it will do for now.

Some sewing done, with the walking foot on - I'm FMQing and binding on two of my machines atm.  Once I'm done, I can put my regular foot back on and stitch some units.

I was the happy winner of Stash Box #6.  If you'd like to win a fun box of quilty goodness, please click over to this post.

For more Celtic Solstice inspiration, click over to Quiltville.  It's so fun to see all the fabrics that have been chosen for this mystery.


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  1. Your box is a step up from my ziplock baggies, LOL.


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