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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Traveling Stash Box #1 Giveaway (Stash Report Week 50)

One yard cuts & notions
This is the second stash box that's come into my house in less than two weeks!  Jennifer moved the contents to a larger box when she posted it.  

FQs in the box!

I cannot get a good one-time-everything-in-the-box photo, so here is a whole slough of pix so that you see what came in it.  There are Tula Pink and a Horner "Crush" FQs in this pile!

Half yd cuts and remnants

Patterns, mags, & one book

I didn't take a whole lot. Well, I didn't think so until I looked at the photo - LOL!

Taken: That's the beagle pattern glaring in the
right corner!
Some of this I took in order to clear out the old and put in some "newer" stuff.  I took 2 of the several one yard cuts, claimed several older remnants (two of which weren't quilting cotton) and 7 FQs (I luv FQs).

I took the 3 old magazines and book and replaced them with 2 newer issues and a recently released book, A Month of Sundays.  I won the book and it was a lovely read.  Since I am in de-clutter mode for the holidays, someone else can enjoy this sweet book.

Added to the box.
Also added to the box are LQS quality half yard cuts (top), assorted FQs (including 2 batiks), and a small panel of printed inspirational squares.  

Also added to the box.

Then, some hexie samples from Paper Pieces, an AHHHHH (beginner hexie) from Hillbilly Handiworks, a quilt label, a ruler holder, and a some needle threaders jumped out of my drawers to the box!

The rules can be found here but, basically, you must be an active blogger in the U.S., replace chosen items with like items in quantity and quality, and be willing to move the box quickly along to the next recipient, although, allowances for the holidays will probably be tolerated at this time of year.  Katie has some good hints for how to save money at when shipping the boxes.

The giveaway will end on Thursday (12/19) at 9AM CST.  Hopefully, I can get the box out of the house before the holiday house guests arrive.  Please tell me in one comment what, if any, plans you have for New Year's Eve.  

Onto other fun stuff:

After celebrating at our "so long" luncheon for quilty friend Cheri, who is moving, last weekend, I had such a headache that I didn't show you the goodies that came home with me.  Now, lest you think that the headache was from too much imbibing, let me set you straight.

About five of us spent 3 hours walking the streets of teensy-weensy Kimmswick, MO, visiting 28 shops on the annual Cookie Walk.  I had no idea there were 28 shops in that little town. It really wasn't too cold until the 14th shop and I thought, "why didn't I bring my earmuffs!"

Quilty friend Gale brought us all Thirty-One bags (above).  I think we will all be bringing them to our sews days, they are that big, and have a zipper on top!

Then, while this was a luncheon for Cheri and we gave her a signature quilt which I bound last week, she made iron totes for everyone, ten in all.  She enlisted Joyce and Elise in her work, too, by cutting, marking, sewing on buttons.

 It took me a while to figure out how it folded together.  Unfolded it becomes an ironing pad.  Each fabric was different and they just handed out gift bags and waited to see who got which tote.

Quilty friend Charla and I are planning to do the Tonga Nature BOM together using our own batiks. The fabrics used in the BOM did not appeal to me at all, hence my not doing it in the LQS.

And, Charla had issues with the directions, or lack thereof.  The pattern is pretty stingy with block construction instructions, both written and pictoral, and is certainly not meant for any beginner.  So, we thought we would do a block together per month at our sew days.  It took me a few hours to go through my batik stash and come up with this pile of 11 fabric families (still need a border fabric but that can wait til the top is done).

I've been doing little bits of work on Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Celtic Solstice.  I mean little - like 3 or 4 units per clue.  That will all change next weekend.  I won't make any progress.

I had intended you show some, but some of my Flickr photos have disappeared, completely, atm. HHMmmmm......

We are hosting my husband's family this year - his parents for a 12 day visit (I won't say another word!) - so I have to clean up and put my sewing corner to bed while we have company.  I will have to de-stress at the gym or by reading.

My stash numbers haven't changed.  I put a little more into the box than I took, but it was mostly an even trade.  I've been shopping the clearance FQs at Ozark Fabric Facebook group again but they haven't arrived, so I'm not counting them!

Used this week: 0

Used YTD: 119.763
Added this week:0
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 147.625
Net used YTD: -27.862

I must get my MIL's quilt done this week, a little more FMQ'ing and binding.  Please also check out some more stash reports at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Please enter the giveaway for the large flat rate traveling stash box.  It might get to you by Christmas!  What quilty fun!!


  1. You sure have been busy, and it looks like it is going to continue at a fast pace for the rest of the year. Sorry you won't be able to quilt while your company is there, perhapes you can enlist your MIL to snip your chain piecing apart or to do the pressing. Merry Christmas.

  2. love to see this box come to my house

  3. So far we have no plans for New Year's Eve--probably go down to the local bar & listen to the band. Sounds like you are a very busy person but also having fun being busy!! Would love to win this!!

  4. What fun the cookie festival must have been. Your quilty friends must be a hardy bunch because it WAS cold -- but anything for cookies, right? I'm sorry that your friend Cheri is moving away. It was so nice of her to make you all such a great gift -- and she was the one leaving?? Good to hear you are doing Bonnie's mystery. Can't wait to see what colors you are using. I'm behind a bit, but trying to keep up. Too many parties that got in the way of sewing.


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