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Monday, August 2, 2010

Freebie from the fair

When we went to Indiana for the county fair I picked up a little cookbook in the manufacturer's tent (that's what they called it when I was a kid, now it's probably the commerce tent or something). I have a handful of these little cookbooks and most don't really fit with trying to eat naturally in the 'burbs. Lots of canned soup casseroles and pre-mixed stuff that we now know contains all those trans fats, etc. Well, I've already made 4 recipes in a week!

Today was cornbread, not from a box but w/ cornmeal and the Montana whole wheat bread flour that I found at Wal-Mart. A few days ago it was Oat pancakes, also not from a mix, made those twice! It has several no-bake cookie recipes and we chose to make the one with corn flakes and peanut butter. There is a corn salad recipe that made good use of left over corn on the cob. So, I am mighty pleased with my little book.

Cant' wait to try play-doh and fingerpaint and the coconut cream cake recipe!

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  1. They sounds like great recipes. it's nice to know the ingredients aren't all out of a can or box.


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