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Friday, August 13, 2010

more Charming goals accomplished

Here are two more projects from my July/Aug Charming Club goals:

These are pillowcases for my son.  I bought the fabric at Hancock's b/c of the characters, I'd never seen Scooby-Doo fabric.  My!, what a difference from the quilt shop fabric, almost like paper.  But, he loves them!

Here are two sections, of four, from my 82x82 "guinea pig" quilt top that I am going to quilt using the Marti Michell "Machine Quilting in Sections" method.  Marti provide several methods for connecting the sections.  On this first attempt, I will leave 1" at the edges to avoid using strips to cover the seams.  Have any of you tried this method?  It was almost a pleasure to cut and spray baste the backing and batting - so easy doing the small sections.  I add pins since I roll the tops for space. 

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