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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Baby has arrived!

A GO! Baby, that is!

Isn't she pretty?!  I won her last week at Connie's blog, Quilting by the River.  (The good luck fairy has apparently visited me these past few weeks.)  If you visit Connie today she will take you on a tour of her sewing room!

The Baby arrived sometime Wednesday afternoon but I didn't find it on the front porch til it was bedtime for DS.  Sew, no playing on the arrival day.  Yesterday, DS was with me all day and finally, at 9PM, I got to open the dies and grab a few scraps.  

From three pieces of scraps I cut 38 two inch squares in about 5 minutes!  WooHoo!!

Then I had to try the hexagon die which cuts pieces for my 1" finished hexies. The smallest ones work with the 1/2" finished hexies.

There's a big 5" hexagon that I may try after the holidays. So here are 24 hexies that I cut in another 5 minutes - love it!!

I also got the 2.5" strip for cutting scraps and binding strips.  I may get to try that one out tonight as I am very close to finishing the archives quilt.

Since I use lots of FQs, there always seems to be little pieces lying about.  Anywhere from a fat eight to 4"x5" rectangles to a single little strip.  I can't wait to get all these little pieces cut into some usable shapes and sorted.

I plan to get the binding onto two quilts this weekend.  What are your plans, sewing or otherwise?


  1. Oh so lucky! :)
    I have lots of sewing plans.. but then again I had lots for today and got nothing done so we will see!

  2. Oh that is so wonderful!!! (Can't believe how fast it cuts) Congrats!!! I hope to re-sew everything I sew wrong last weekend. LOL!!

  3. How exciting! Have lots of fun!!

  4. I can see you are having lots of fun with this already! Enjoy!


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