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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best wishes for a safe holiday

Sending good thoughts out to you all for a Happy Thanksgiving!  

We are celebrating at my grandma's this year and I thought I would take along a few books I picked up at last night's guild meeting.  The price was right - they were on the "Free" table!

The Jinny Beyer book is from 1979 but she deconstructs the blocks so you can make your own patterns.  I love that - I love understanding how my quilts go together.

Look what I found in the scrap book - a possibility for my hexie flowers. While I love doing the flowers, I have never kidded myself about making a traditional grandmother's flower garden - too many white pieces for me!  Plus, it's always nice to be a little bit different.

This book is from 1985 but it actually a book with text - a product of the author's research - a bit of history.  I may leave this one with Grandma 'til Christmas so she can read it.

How many of you are braving the crowds to hit Joanns doorbuster sales?  There's nothing on their list that cannot wait til later in the day for me.

Have a great holiday!!


  1. I'm not hitting Joann's until Saturday to use their one of their coupons. I think the things I would like can wait until then.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and safe travels, Kris!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! No I won't be going to JoAnn's either! I waited 2 1/2 hours for it to be my turn at the cutting table. It was fun to do one time. Enjoy your books. Love the flower in the one. That would be fun to make.

  3. I think I will take my camping chair to wait in line. I want the flannel for next year's projects, so I will deal with the wait. It's the only Black Friday deal I care about.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you soon! *hugs*


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