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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bindings are on!! (stash report week 45)

Our week here started out very lovely.  On Monday DS and I went to the pumpkin patch/farmer's market for the last time.  All through the month of October they open "Fort Spooky" for the kids.  It's quite a destination for field trip for the smaller kids.  Most of it is geared toward the under 10 age bracket.  There's a little corn maze, a haunted house, an old fashioned metal slide (which DS loved), a big wooden playground set with 4 slides.

On Tuesday, the Magic House (St. Louis' Children's Museum) offered free admission to anyone wearing red to celebrate the Cardinals' World Series win.  Can't pass up free!  So, after a morning at preschool, DS and I made our way there.

We had only been there on weekends, especially for the Target Free Family nights, and it was always packed to the rafters.  Well, Tuesday it was not crowded at all. DS had a great time doing anything he wanted to do without waiting (and then having some impolite kid run in front if him).

Usually, the "bubble room" is so full you cannot turn around. Tuesday, we were in there alone!  Even I got to do the bubble curtain - lol.

The Magic House is in an old Victorian house to which multiple additions have been added over the years.  Here is a shot of one corner of the house section, complete with a 3 story slide.

After two hours and a full morning of preschool, DS was worn out and fell asleep on our 15 minute ride home!

So, there's two days that I didn't get to my sewing corner in the basement.

However I did get the bindings on two quilts and will count them in the "out" column - they're just not on all the way!  I will finish those today so that I can move on to other projects with a clear conscience.

Speaking of bindings, check out this tutorial at The BunkHouse for using a fleece binding.

I did one, lone little hexie this week.

Then, I got distracted a bit - had that kind of week - my mind was racing everywhere thinking about the in-laws coming for the holidays.  And of all weeks, I missed my Wednesday yoga class so I made some time to hit the gym Thursday and yesterday.  When I'm all over the place, I need to workout and find my balance again.

One of the things distracting me is the pile of boxes that I've saved for some mod podge projects.  So, Wednesday evening, before the cold front moved in I did a bit of Christmas shopping and ran to Joann's to get black fabric for some more beer boxes. Fabric is so much easier to work with than paper.

One yard covered these 4 boxes with one strip left over which will cover another small box.  It won't be long before DH brings home another 6 pack of Boulevard.  The lids of the little boxes actually close together completely (can you see it on the 2nd box from the left?) - awesome!

To use these as quilting project boxes I will have to line them with some muslin.

One more package arrived in the mail.  I won a book at Blushing Rose.  Clare O'Donohue's books are fun, cozy mysteries set around a group of quilters in a small town.  I don't buy many books to keep as DS and I make weekly trips to the library, but I do buy hers and this is her most recent.

Look at the pretty book mark and cute notecard.  When I was younger I loved to receive pretty little notecards like these in the mail.

Here are a couple additions from the LQS that I had forgotten to show you.  I picked up the smallest twister by Primitive Gatherings thinking it would be a great way use left over jelly roll tails and binding ends.

The YLI soft touch was 50% off - can't beat that.  I love to use soft touch when I'm doing blocks with lots of seams like log cabins or pineapples or such.

Finally, something significant in the used column!  Here are the numbers:
Used this Week: 16
Used year to Date: 65.42
Added this Week: 1
Added Year to Date: 115.57
Net Used for 2011:   -50.15
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  1. I'm on my way to have 3 more Sam Adams boxes I saw on a blog how to use any kind of box to make "canvases" - you know, like the 1" artist canvas? So I have some from frozen stuff saved. next month will be Mod Podge month around here.........Oh, an I'll be making my own. Elmer's (not School) and water. MUCH cheaper. Without your good idea in the first place, I would not have even known.

  2. Looks like you had a great time with your son! I'm not sure what you are doing with the boxes but they look neat already! I see you bought the Itty Bitty Twister! Mine is the next size up from Primitive Gathering and it was fun. I want all the sizes, they are so much fun.

  3. The children's museum looks like a lot of fun -- and you've just reminded me how long it's been since I took my little guys to the museum near us.

  4. The children's museum...what a wonderful playground for you DS. Glad you had a chance to experience the fun too! I've got that Primitive Gatherings pattern also. It should be fun going together. Like your boxes! Sandi

  5. I miss not living near The Magic House. Your Science Center is way better than ours too. And your zoo...


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