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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fixin' this and fixin' that

Oh what a morning! Are you ever just not in the mood to do what needs to be done to finish a project?  Happens to me all the time. That's probably why I have so many UFO's.

Since I wasn't in the mood to put binding on, I decided to do some odds n ends.  Completely unrelated to sewing was the bathroom sink.  DS unscrewed the knob so many times that it finally stopped going back together.

It's been this way for weeks.  DH said he didn't know where to find my glue. This was our "suitcase."  If anyone ever watched "Everybody Loves Raymond," you know what I mean - Debra and Raymond each thought the other should put the suitcase sitting on the staircase away so it sat for weeks. Since watching that episode, DH and I recognize our "suitcases" more easily now.

Then, DS showed me his shoe - the sole was coming off! Well, while I had the glue out, right?

Here it is in the vice!  Like that thing!

Then, still in repair mode - here's my mending projects.  Guess what!  They're all mine - LOL!

For some company I turned on Pat Sloan's radio show and listend to Bonnie Hunter, who introduced her new scrappy mystery quilt today.

A pair of jeans that's needed the knee reinforced since spring.  Why so long? Well, it was soon shorts weather and, well, I hate mending!
ack a thread - how long will it take me to get that cut?

This one gets me where I live - my workout capris. That industrial seam came loose on the inseam in several places.  That one really called to me b/c I wear these at the gym and the exposure possibilities were kinda high!
Of course, my mending "ain't purty," but it's done!

While I had a machine set up for piecing, I decided to finish my Dresden plate from the QAL at Lily's Quilts from the spring.  It's looked like this on my design wall for months and months.

Sunday afternoon I put the color border on and today I got out the GO! Baby and cut four 2.5" strips to put on the outer border. 

Love it!  I think it will go in our guild's quilt show next spring.

Here's my Archives Quilt all quilted.  I did simple line quilting, keeping it modern.

I also didn't want to distort the backing too much - ya'll know how much I love the backing fabric.  So, the map, handwriting, and architectural drawings are still legible.

And then, while clicking pix for this post, I went upstairs just before I left the bread in the oven too long.  WHEWWEE - disaster averted because that's gonna be part of my lunch!

Have a great day!!


  1. LOL, this was a fun post. Loved seeing all your projects. Eat some bread for me please! I haven't had bread in so long....

  2. Oh boy, you just reminded me that I have a pair of my dad's coveralls that need several patches.....I don't enjoy mending anymore....


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