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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid week update and some links

Happy Hump Day!

String therapy has continued since it first began on Saturday afternoon.  Here are samples of the twelve 6.5" blocks, two chevron blocks, two 4.5" blocks, and two 3.5" blocks.

The 3.5" blocks use up the short strings left over from the 6.5" blocks.  It is surprising just how large a piece is necessary to cover that last little triangle on the page or how long a scrap must be to cover those first 2-3 diagonals.

When I tried crumb blocks, which really weren't for me, I realized that, "yes" there are scraps that are just too small.  The same is true for string blocks.  Some are too skinny, leaving you with only 1/4" or less showing while some are too short.  However, I do not like using 2" or 2.5" strips b/c they are just too wide and don't create enough interest in the block for my tastes.

I've done a bit more with the 1" hexie top, no idea how large it will be, there is no plan.  I guess this is the week that I plug along on the long (very long) term projects.

Now a little reminder about "no reply" bloggers.  There were many in my last giveaway.  Karen has updated her "no reply" instructions.  Please check them out,  it makes blogging so much more fun if you can "talk" with someone.

Okay....onto some fun stuff:
Connie at Quilting by the River is having a sweet batik giveaway.  Eight fat quarters are up for grabs.  She used four to make an adorable floral table runner and the other four are a surprise from the Quilting Lodge.

Have a great day - Namaste.


  1. Great blocks! I love tiny strings but not crumbs, thanks for the shout out on my giveaway!

  2. Your hexagons are soooo hexy! Love em.


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