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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stash Report Week 31


I was so happy to see the rain last Sunday that I had to go and take some pix.  My rain barrel was filled once again - the water bill thanks you, Mother Nature!  Isn't it lovely?!

This is a short post and I'm happy to say that my numbers have not changed.  Well, allow me to clarify, happy that I haven't added any fabric.  I have done some quilting this week and really need to get to the bindings, then I can post some positive movement in those numbers.

I spent some time organizing this week.  I made a trip to the local Dollar Tree store and bought 12 five quart shoe boxes.  They "ain't purty" but for $1 each they hold fabric and are small.  I have two larger tubs and I always feel like I'm wrestling to drag them out to open them up. Then I have to sift through all the plastic bags holding different size strips and squares.  

I cut 2.5, 2, and 1.5 inch strips. And I cut 5 inch squares.  I had started cutting whatever size I could get out of a scrap but that's just too many squares to keep organized.  I may start cutting 3.5 inch strips, too, we'll see. Bonnie Hunter has some great tips for taming your stash and making it usable.

Only 3 of the 12 are empty and 3 are completely full.  The others have some room.  However, if I actually get to cutting up all the scraps that I have in mind to cut up, well, I may need 12 more!  Ssshhh - don't tell DH!  

I tell you what, nothing keeps me from buying fabric more than looking in a few of these bins.  All I need are some neutrals/whites and I could probably piece 4 large quilts easily.

What keeps you from buying too much fabric? (Besides that pesky ol' budget - I think most have one of those.)

To the Numbers:
Used this week: 0
Used year to date: 20.775

Added this week (purchased/won): 0
Added this week (inherited/gifted): 0

Added year to date (purchased/won): 29.381
Added year to date (inherited/gifted): 65.75

Added year to date total: 95.131
Net used for 2012: -74.356

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Have a great week!


  1. You're going to love Bonnie's system - I have used more of my fabrics in the last year than ever before, and have even actually cut down my purchases now that I can find what I have.

  2. Great organizing idea. Just $1 each? I need to go to the city I think...

  3. Blest are you to get some rain! What keeps me from buying new fabric is space - I've run out of space and I've come to the realization I have two lifetimes of fabric now. LOL.

    Off to close all the windows as it is near 80 and it's only 8:35am.


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