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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Iron issues

My iron quit!  

My 2 year old, German-made Rowenta just stopped working!!

When plugged in it refuses to get hot at all.  Uggh!  I love the tip of that iron.

Here it is next to the old Black & Decker.  Apparently, the ol' B&D has hit the floor one too many times b/c when I was pressing with it, it just shut off on me. So, the backup doesn't work either! It's a really light weight iron and one little bump to the ironing board would send it falling this way or that.

So, I need to find a new iron.  After babying the Rowenta - no water left in it, unplugged when not in use, not even used on the hottest setting (no need, really) - and paying what I did for it about 3 years ago, I'm not looking for a new Rowenta.

I'm gonna hit Target and Wal-Mart (if I dare, hate that store) and maybe Kohls and see what I can find.

Any recommendations?


  1. I so hear you on irons. I am back to using my old Black and Decker iron that the kids gave me 20 years ago. I no longer put water in it, but use a spray bottle. I have decided that there is no point in buying expensive irons. They don't last any longer that the cheapies at Walmart. I will be interested in seeing what you buy, because I am needing a new one, myself, as I am using my old standby.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me with two Rowentas and two is my limit. I bought a cheap iron at WalMart and it works fine. Now if it quits in a year I won't mind. blessings, marlene

  3. I agree with Winona - I'm to the point where I plan to buy another cheap Black & Decker every 6 months at Walmart. Seems like paying more doesn't get you more. Sorry your baby quit on ya!

  4. I'd try the resell it shops! They might last just as long.

  5. I bought a T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord iron - ordered it online from WalMart & had it sent to my local store - they don't carry it in the stores. It's twice the cost of a "good" B&D but worth it to me, since the last B&D I bought at WalMart lasted about a year. I'm old enough to remember when a B&D iron was a really good iron. Oh well. The T-Fal got a good rating by Consumer Reports, I think.

  6. I just bought a plain old style iron that seems to be working wonderfully. No water so no steam and it doesn't shut off automatically and there are no steam holes so it has a nice smooth soul plate. It's a Continental Electric and only cost $30 - and that includes shipping.


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