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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More finishes...

I had hoped to quilt 2 of the 3 tops my long-armer basted, got one of those done.  However, I pieced three more tops, and even quilted one of them.

I have two tops from a pattern called "Bean Toss Quilt" that I found on The Quilt Show website under "projects." It's a quilt and it's a game - how cute.  I finished one to take with us to the in-laws where we will have a 3 yr old, a 4 yr old, and a 6 yr old, who I hope will play with it.  It has the added bonus of being my son's blankie in the car.
And I had to use Ruby's napping spot to pose the qulit.

The Paddington fabric was on sale at my LQS for $1.99/yd last spring and I was going to get a yard.  Well, luckily the staffer talked me into 4 yds b/c when I needed a backer for this one and I just went to my drawer and there it was. My son likes green so - even better.

Here is the other top I made.  It's going to the son of a high school classmate who's dealing with work-related injuries and now a divorce.

Here's the box of bean bags - all 32 + 2 "toe the lines" - to go with the tops.  I will be stitching these on the road.

This is a really quick pattern out of a book called The Giving Quilt.  It uses 9 FQs and makes a small lap.  I got the FQs at Spring Mkt and my mom went gaga over it.  So, I was going to do this for my guild's charity but decided to give it to my mom instead.  However, I've run out of time to quilt it - maybe for Mother's Day.
The colors are  a little washed out here.

My SIL asked me Sunday to make her a little pillow she can use in pilates and yoga.  No problem to make but the timing is a little off with a road trip looming.  I just stripped it and used quilt as you go to give a little padding to the top.


  1. Great finishes - way to sew this month! I especially love the game quilt - how neat!!

  2. The quilts are so cool! Nice job! I am sure that your friend that is out of work will appreciate it!


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