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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Party link ups


This is what we woke up to yesterday morning.  More is predicted for tonight.  Funny, I was doing yard work in shorts and T-shirt just 4 and 5 short days ago. Now I hope my pretty spring flowers don't get derailed.

I brought in two stems of hyacinth.  I set them on my sewing table and MY-OH-MY do they smell good!

On to the reason for the post:  it is time to link with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and see what other fabric-holics have been working on this week.  The project does not have to be finished - just something you've been working on that makes you happy.

The other reason for the post:  it is time to link with Sew Many Ways for the Sew Darn Crafty Party.  The party is not limited to sewing - can be anything crafty. Also check out Karen's Tool Time Tuesday posts or her recycling posts - lots of great ideas.

I finally finished up the bean bag quilts.  Ya'll thought they were done, didn't you?  Well, they were quilted and bound but they needed storage/carrying bags - after all, there are 18 pieces to the quilt: the quilt itself, 16 bean bags, and 1 "toe the line" to stand behind. 

I made two of these drawstring bags this week.  There are many, many drawstring bag tutorials out there, just google it and pick one. The first one is already in Indiana on its way to its recipient.  The second one is in my son's room.  WHOOP WHOOP!

Here's the lemons part of the story:  after buying the cording for the second bag yesterday afternoon, the key would not turn in my car.  The steering wheel moved, the AAA tow truck driver put WD-40 in the key hole.  It needs a new lock cylinder - oh - we're talking about a $400-500 repair, after the part is marked up twice the price and labor at $100/hr for approx 1.8 hours (there's a web site where DH looks up all this car stuff).

The silver lining:  DH was home after traveling all week and I did not have my 4 yr old with me in the drizzly cold with a broken down car!  Also fortunate, this did not happen while I was traveling as a consultant in a few weeks.


  1. Ugh, sorry about the trouble. And that snow. I didn't like the sight of it yesterday morning. It is still March though. Come on SPRING!!

    I broke down once on the highway on the way to Jeff City while my husband was in Bonne Terre. It was 10 degrees out and no one stopped to help. Not even the highway patrol. He drove by twice. I was pregnant with Stephen. My husband, who is a police officer, got angry and made some phone calls. I got a letter of apology from Mo highway patrol---still it was awful!!

  2. The weather girl is prediciting snow, but maybe it will stay away! On Monday I was outside in shorts and t-shirt, too...crazy weather!!!
    I need to make a laundry tote bag..I like yours!

  3. I love your beanbag quilts and their tote bags -what a great gift idea!! Whoop whoop!!! And thanks for linking up!!!


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