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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stash Report - week 11

And another finish.............

The Bean Bag Toss Quilt is quilted and bound.  Now, I need to make a drawstring bag to hold...

the 16 bean bags.  Yep, that's the game 16 different squares on the quilt with one bean bag to match.

The breakdown (from the pattern):
16 Fat Quarters (cut well, makes 2 quilts) = 2 yds
sashing/inner border = 1.5 yds
cornerstones/border/binding = 2.25yds
backing =  3.66 yds                                                                     Total Used = 9.25 yds (9 1/4)

Here's a little doll quilt I've been working on for my niece.

The pieces all came straight from the box from Tamera's giveaway, including backing/binding. I have another doll quilt in the works using scraps from her latest quilt that we gave her at Christmas.

I added one 3.5 yd cut of flannel to back a quilt for my mom.

Back to yard work.  There's mulch to put down -- over the next few weeks.
This is quite lovely if you're close enough to see the plants peaking through the soil!

We have a wooded ravine behind our house which means we have an abundance of leaves - EVERYWHERE.  We learned to rake up most of them but I leave them on my beds over winter, which are numerous as 1/3 of our back yard is planted with shrubs and perennials since it is on a slope. 

So, yesterday I felt  a little like a mountain goat cleaning off the slopes, which I will have to finish next week.  Yesterday was all about cutting the ornamental grasses and cleaning the beds between and beside the patios.
This is my largest sloping bed.  There's a narrower one on the other side of our steps leading to the lowest level.

I was outside all day - loved it!!  After a little hard work it is very rewarding to sit and listen to the birds and squirrels chatter.  I have the back door open atm just so I can hear the birds saying "Good morning." Sometimes I marvel that I have chosen such a sedentary hobby as quilting as my second hobby (gardening is my first). And - Boy! am  I sore - but I like it!

Rather than quilting this week, I plan to move the Asiatic lilies from the back beds to the bed along the NE side of the house.  Not hard, just time consuming. That means a trip to Lowe's for a soaker hose is also in my future.
This photo is from the Dutch Gardens catalog, where I got my bulbs.

Back to the fun, here are the numbers:

Used this Week:    9.25 (9 1/4)
Used year to Date: 27.375 (27 3/8)
Added this Week: 3.5
Added Year to Date:  25
Net Used for 2011:   +2.375 ( +2 3/8)

I'm in the black!!!!!  I won't crow too long, there is a local quilt show next weekend and the local shop hop is the weekend after that.  This victory may be short lived!

Head over to Patchwork Times to see more stash busting numbers.


  1. Congratulations on both being in the black and finishing a quilt. The kids will love that one.

  2. The Bean Bag Toss quilt is great. What a neat idea!

    Congratulations on being in the black this week!

  3. I agree with Kate - a great idea! Good for you!

  4. Thebean bag quilt is such a great idea. Good for you for all the outside work!

  5. Yea for gardening - it's great exercise!

    I have my hostas popping up, so in a day or two, it will be time to move some of those around.

    I figure I'll be at Lowes each morning this week to load up the car with mulch, rock and other stuff and then spend the rest of the day spreading it around.

    I like the bean bag game quilt - great idea!


  6. Your quilts are just beautiful! I love the bean bag quilt and the doll quilt! Your flowers look beautiful!

  7. The bean bag quilt sounds fun. Something I might have to try when Stephen gets older. I love gardening but we live in a duplex so we have to stick to potted plants.

  8. Bean bag toss quilt is a great idea!


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