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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stash Report week 10 - Finally, a big finish!

After 2 months of small projects I finally found the gumption, nerve, energy...whatever you call it, to really dig into my UFO's and finish one.  To keep myself motivated to tackle those PhDs, I don't count yardage in the stash report on a project/quilt until it is completely finished/bound.

Here it is:

A Christmas quilt made with a Cranberry Wishes (Kansas Troubles) jelly roll that I won at my first retreat.  The pattern is Split Decision by Teacher's Pet, which used practically all of the jelly roll (36 strips), a big plus in my book.  Bought the border fabric and backing (on sale) online.  This is my first quilt that is entirely finished with a single line of fabric, which is not something I necessarily strive for, but in this case my close LQSs don't routinely carry KT or similar lines on bolts that I could try to match.

Used: 36 jelly roll strips = 2.5 yds
          1st border = 0.75 yds
          2nd border and bindingm = 2.5 yds
          backing = 4 yds                                                             Total used = 9.75 yds (WOW!)

I finished Cranberry Wishes on Friday morning which motivated me to get busy yesterday with this little quilt top I showed you before the holidays.
It's 60x60, the bean bag toss quilt, and I had it spray basted before 8 AM yesterday morning.  All the quilting is done, just need to bind it over the next couple days and count it next week.

I ran out of steam at 4 PM yesterday.  Sewing all day is hard work - being sedentary so long - OUCH! she says reaching for the yoga mat to stretch - must go to the gym today AND walk the dog.

The weather was a motivator, too. It was cold and icky and when it gets nice again I have spring cleaning in the yard to do and eventually a short-term consulting job that will take up all my free time. Thanks to DH for keeping our son occupied and letting me have the basement with Pandora tuned to the blues.

This week I received two bundles of fabric scraps in the mail.  One was an envelope of little boy prints from Leona that my son commandeered and placed on his art shelf!  The other was a box - a big box - of scraps from Tamera's giveaway.  Now I need to add some of my stash, including a pattern and magazine, to it and send it on it's way, maybe at post #100.

Here's something new that I tried this week.  Bohin pins - .4 mm, Murano glass heads, almost unbendable.  I used them on my binding (using Judy's tutorial for machine binding) and they did not add any bulk and I only bent one - when I hit it right on with my needle!
If I could read French, the description accompanying the picture would be wonderful, I'm sure.

They run about $0.15 each - i.e. $15 for 100.  A quilty friend and I split the last box in the shop.  They are so fine they will bend for the bulky seams but they bounce back.  My LQS owner said they were made from piano wire.  I haven't found this tidbit in any online description of them but they are definitely unlike other pins.
How many of you miter your bindings?  This is how we were taught in our beginner class.  I tried to follow instructions for continuous binding but my corners always looked round to me.  I like not having a huge long strip of binding to worry with, just 4 strips. I use the Binding Miter Tool from Animas Quilts.

On to the numbers...almost in the black - WOO HOO!

Used this Week:    9.75 (9 3/4)
Used year to Date: 18.125 (18 1/8)
Added this Week:  0
Added Year to Date:  21.5
Net Used for 2011:   -3.375 (-3 3/8)

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  1. Wow! You got a LOT done this week! Congrats!

    Your quilts are GREAT!

    I'm glad you got your fabric. I hope you can use some of it.

  2. Holy cow - you got a lot done. Love that bean bag quilt - great idea.

  3. That Christmas quilt is really pretty. I love the pattern. Thanks for sharing about the pins. I am always bending my yellow ones on the binding!


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