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Friday, June 1, 2012

Enough is enough

My silly boys at pre-school
DH and I have been workin' hard around the house this week.  One week ago we went to my grandma's house to continue cleaning it out - geesh, there's a lot of stuff in there!  So, we sorted, we threw away, we recycled, we packed, and then we loaded the U-Haul truck.  

And Monday DH and I got home, leaving DS to have his vacation at "Papa's house" this week.  Thankfully, a friend helped DH move all the stuff off the truck.  The next day we took Grandpa's roll top desk to have it refinished.

To make room for all this furniture and stuff we have been spring cleaning like mad.  Three trips to Goodwill and two trips to the recycling center and we still aren't done.  Today the weather is fantastic and we tackled the garage.  But, having done this for a week, I'm bushed!!  So, I have my feet propped up catching up with y'all while DH patches some dry wall.

Tomorrow is our day off before DS comes home Sunday afternoon. We're thinking a movie and a trip to the Strawberry Festival.  Tonight might hold a trip to the gym's hot tub.

Here's more stuff from Grandma's house.  First some blocks:

Some Dresden plates that she pieced and appliqued

Then some courthouse steps that look like squares in squares.

And just when we thought we had found all the sewing stuff, there was more fabric in the basement.  It was dry and clean so I brought it home and washed it all.  

There's lots of scraps and 3 large pieces: an unbleached muslin, the sunflowers on green, and the cheater cloth that is all twisted.

Not sure when I will get around to ironing and counting because this is the way my sewing corner looks right now.  Uggh - I don't work well in a mess and even if I did, I can barely get to the ironing board!

I doubt if I will post again this week, sew have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy! I'm glad you took one day off during your child free week. Enjoy that hot tub!


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