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Sunday, February 17, 2013

For the Love of Small Projects (Stash Report Week 7)

Hope everyone had a great week.  I'm getting busy with a consulting job so I know my free sewing hours are greatly numbered.  That's why I trudged through all those borders and backs last weekend.  I handed 3 quilts off to quilty friend Cheri for some of her lovely LA action.

In addition to the two big ones, she has DS's batik Dresden plate.  The top was pieced before the new year so it hasn't been counted in my "out" column yet.  Just realized that - 11.5 yards!

Big Dresden top
I had 5 yards of a green Connecting Thread blender earmarked for the back but I needed a tad more than that.  So, I used a cute strip of race care fabric that quilty friend Joyce gave me to bring it up to size.

With all those long seams the past two weekends, I wanted to something small. So, I started 2 projects!  Here's the one that I finished - DS's tablet pouch (approx. 0.75 yards).

Nabi outside.jpg

The Curious George fabric came from Tonya's shop Ozark Fabric & Other Stuff.  Since DS is 6, I'm afraid it won't be long before he decides some of this novelty fabric is "baby-ish."  So, I opted to use George for the lining and use some soccer ball fabric for the outside from the stash.

Nabi collage

DS loves green.  He wanted a green stripe.  However, the green stripe wasn't planned!  I always say that I shouldn't wield a rotary cutter after 9PM.  Yep - I cute the soccer fabric 3 inches smaller than needed - argh! So, DS got his green after all. This is the first quilting I've done in months and months.

The other project is a quilted sewing machine cover using some charm squares.  There's tons of patterns out there, here's the one I am using. I wanted one with closed ends - that will really keep the dust out.  I'm thinking this will be a good Mother's Day gift for my mom, something functional, not decorative.  I will either make another or give her this one and make myself another, maybe with some batiks.

We had our sewing day yesterday and I finished my Fading Charms top - yeah!  I love it!  I only worked on it when we all got together, which was the point of working on the same pattern.

Fading charms top done.jpg

It was so nice to work on, and complete, this small project.  I have tons of 2" squares left.  I will count this one out when I get the backing ready and get it quilted and bound.

Maybe I will make my mom a sewing machine cover with Grandma's scraps - yeah, that's what I'll do, modify the pattern above for 2" squares. Boy! I'm glad I wrote this post this morning, hadn't thought of that until just now.

To the numbers:

Used this week: 12.25
Used YTD: 43.25
Added this week: 0
Added YTD: 19
Net used YTD: 24.25

Check out some more stash reports at Judy's Patchwork Times.

Have a great week!


  1. have really been busy! Love all your finishes and yay on using up some of that fabric. I love the soccer fabric!

  2. So many finishes - congrats! Your Dresden is so bright and colorful!

  3. Kris, Congrats on finishing so many projects. I love your bright Dresden quilt. That looked like fun. Also, while you are making a cover for your mom's sewing machine, you can make one for me. I've been wanting to do that for at least 10 yrs. -- not done yet! Also, your tablet cover is real cute. I know your DS will love it.
    See you soon. Don't work too hard.

  4. I know what you mean about hours being numbered - I went back to work full time this month and have no energy to sew! You made some great progress this week and your son's tablet cover is super cute - inside and out!


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