At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Door County Has Come to Us! (Stash Report Wk 30)

Nighttime temps in the 60s and even into the 50's, daytime highs below normal, and the key - no humidity.  Yep - it's the same weather that we escape to every summer!

It is Fan-tas-tic!!!!!!!!

We slept with the windows open the past few nights, a quilt over us, letting the tree frogs sing us to sleep - doesn't get any better than that in July-almost-August.

If you've read my blog through at least one summer, you know that I do not care for the sweltering heat we get here in the very center of the country, and that's putting it nicely.  The sweltering part being comprised of high humidity and no air movement.

You know what I've been doing?  Well, not much in the house, that's for sure.  It's practically a crime to be inside with such lovely weather.

DSC03366I took DS to my mom's for the county fair this week, spending the afternoon on the midway, and then he wanted to sleep in their camper - lovely time for it.  He's still there so hubby and I have been on our own this weekend.  We went out with friends Friday night and piddled around yesterday and watched a movie last night.  No plans for today, yet, but I'm thinking we'll go to a lovely park with the dog and get some ice cream or something.

To avoid coming into StL at rush hour on my trip home Thursday afternoon, I had to stop in Effingham, IL, for a coffee and then at the next exit to visit The Wooden Spool (it's on Facebook, no web site yet).  I had great sales resistance - and I mean great, some of the fabrics are priced at $7-8, not the usual $10-12 at other shops.  The shop is laid out so nicely.  Only one yard of a light-ish solid brown came home with me for a QAL, the irony, huh?


Quilty friend Pat gifted me a couple of text fabric FQs.  Wasn't that nice?  Aren't they pretty?

Four of these!
Speaking of FQs....  Tonya at Ozark Fabric (on Facebook) had a clearance sale this weekend with some FQs priced as low as $.45, nothing over $1.35!  You had to be fast and I missed a lot of the pretties but grabbed some that will cut up nicely for scraps and for little gifties. Those won't be coming in for a while, so they will be counted when they come through the door.

I've been telling myself that since DS isn't home, I need to sew.
Can't do it!
Can't sit in the house and waste these pretty days.
Sew, as I keep telling myself, "maybe tomorrow!"

Used this week: 0
Used YTD: 66.58
Added this week: 1
Gifted this week: 0.5
Added YTD: 81.75
Net used YTD: -15.17

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Have a great week!


  1. I am glad we were able to send some of the wonderful cool weather your way. It has been in the 40's the last two nights here in Minnesota. Sure can empathize about the heat! Love the fabrics with print on them.

  2. I agree on the weather. Actually got a little cold last night with the window open. I'll take it!


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