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Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's bacckk (stash report week 6)

Yep, the cold, the sinusitis, the "bug," whatever you call it is back.

Been doing lots of this and have the Aleve and Afrin out once again.  Ugghh.

Before it really hit me yesterday, I did at least accomplish a few tasks this week.  My sewing corner is picked up a bit, cut binding for Easy Street and its hanging sleeve, and finished three small projects.

6" squares

These little paper pieced sunflowers, a kit from The Designers Workshop, had been in my drawer since my very first trip to Paducah, which must have been 2010 or 2011.  I pulled them out last year and worked on them a little at our sew days. I really do like these small projects.

Finally, tired of moving the "tops" around, I decided to finish them up.  They are on my UFO list, even though they each measure only 6 inches square.

measures 16x20

Here's "A Little 30s," a mini all bound, labeled, and ready for the quilt show next month.  No hanging sleeve, it can be pinned.  When it comes home I'll stitch little rings on the back to hang from nails.

Not a lot of yardage but three projects checked of the ol' UFO list.  Now, to get Easy Street finished up.

a pileated woodpecker (wikipedia)
Our cold temps are back, with snow, and the birds are camped out in our back yard.  I have four feeders and emptied the second 50 lb bag of sunflower seeds for the season.  Guess they are cold, too!

I do enjoy sitting with a cuppa and watching them flit around and see who visits us.  Until land was cleared for yet another subdivision, we had lots of woodpeckers and nuthatches, i.e. tree climbers, but not so many anymore. A pileated woodpecker once visited a suet feeder hanging on the front porch, but that when DS was just a baby. They are shy birds and I felt lucky to catch a glimpse.

To the numbers.  Hey! in the black, barely - not much happening here if we go only by the numbers but I feel I've accomplished a lot this week.

Used this week: 0.75
Used YTD: 0.75
Added this week: 0
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 0.42
Net used YTD: 0.35

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  1. Great little quilts. We are lucky here as the pileated woodpecker is a regular at our feeder. We have been having 4 different types of woodpeckers this year, bird watching is so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your mini projects are beautiful. I really like "The Little 30's". Congrats on being back in the black. We had a cardinal visit this morning, It was nice to see the bit of bright red in with all the brown. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. In love with your mini. Feel better soon.

  4. Good for you -- finishing some UFO's. Now I think I could handle those little "TOPS" too. Maybe I'll add some to my UFO list at the guild. lol Did you know I' was born in the sunflower state? I didn't get around to writing a post, so it will wait until next week. Maybe then I'll have more to show. Hope you get to feeling better and can kick that crude.

  5. Your sunflowers are wonderful!! And I adore the pileated woodpecker. We have a pair up at the camp that visit our little area from time-to-time! We hear them on a regular basis, but like you said, seeing them is a treat! :)

  6. A Little 30s....oh my, I'm in love! blessings, marlene


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