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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stash Report Week 7

Oopsie Daisy
Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!  DS went to a "party, " aka parent's survival night, at his gym so DH and I enjoyed a beef spedini entree and salad from our local grocery's take away counter.

As I got to feeling a bit better from cold #2 that hit last weekend, more sewing happened this week in an effort to finish up old, small projects.  I even got in a blog post about them before DS came home early from school on Friday (the district's way of wishing all parents a Happy V Day!).

Yesterday was the last day of the BOM at the LQS and it was our quilty friends sew day.  It was cold and a bit icy and one of us went down before sewing a stitch - and broke her wrist. Poor Carol!  The rest of us stitched and visited and waited to hear from Carol after she went to the urgent care center.  She's a cheerful soul and returned for her things in good spirits.

I didn't feel very productive yesterday but I did get the last 3 blocks finished from the BOM.  Now, I have no plans to ever sew another curved seam!  Every block was made up of 16 of these units set together in different patterns.

Now to figure out how to set these blocks.  I didn't purchase the kit from the LQS, just too much white for my taste.  However, the kit set the blocks on point, which would yield a bigger quilt since these blocks are about 13.5." Decisions, decisions...

Then, since it was our last BOM day, we got 20% all fabric and I picked up two batiks for the Tonga Nature BOM that we plan to tackle later this year. There's one more yard to the stash.

When I returned home, I had a bulging padded envelope on the table from Hillbilly Tonya. It held all my goodies from Hillbilly Handiworks from the past two months.  In total: 2 one yard cuts, 4 half yard cuts, and 16 FQs. Back in the red for me!

Some cuts are from the Hillbilly facebook group and her great year-end clearance FQ sale and others are from the website, where I also picked 3 new Ahhhs for paper piecing.  The shop is so great about shipping - no shipments until your package is full, unless you request it.

Pretty sewing novelties in half and FQ cuts.  Another sewing machine cover might be in order.

Soft color fat quarters that were on sale.

All the rest - for either swaps, trades, or small projects like wallets and notebook covers.

The binding and hanging sleeve is attached to Easy Street!  Need to miter the corners, get the label ready, and get it all stitched down to call it a finish.

I might have to use some of this new fabric to make a few drawstring bags.  We are required to have our quilts/projects for the quilt show in bags with our name, address, phone number, and entry # on the outside.  However, I don't think either Easy Street or the two 18" pillows I'm putting in the show will fit into my standby pillowcases.  That means more stash shopping for me to help get these numbers in the black again!

Used this week: 2 
Used YTD: 2.75
Added this week: 8.5 (edited once a piece assumed to be 1 yd was found to be .5 yd)
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 9.42
Net used YTD: -6.17

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  1. Oops! But that fabric is so pretty. I'm sure you needed it! You'll just have to sew it up!

  2. You will be out of the red in no time AND your stash will be freshened.

  3. is hillbilly handiworks going out of business?

  4. You got some great looking fabrics, so it was worth being in the red. What did you miter after the quilt was finished -- the label?? Your Woopie Daisy is cute and I love the colors in your curved blocks. It's good that they are so big and on point with borders, will make a good size throw in no time.


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