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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring is Here! -- ?? (Stash Report Week 8)

from last spring

Dare we say it?  Spring has sprung?  We've had a couple days in the low 60s and I found three hyacinths poking out of the ground.

hydrangea from last year

Rather than sew yesterday afternoon, I spent some zen moments trimming the viburnum, knock-out rose, and oakleaf hydrangea.  The poor viburnum got caught in the last frost of last spring and lost a few large branches, the hydrangea was just a tad too large for it's spot, and the poor ol' rosebush needed a spring thinning.  I almost escaped without a scratch - almost, 'til the very end!

I've been rather productive this week, but not enough to change the numbers very much.  Easy Street is done - labeled and bound - WooHoo!!  With the mud from our thaw, I've not been able to get a good picture.

I forgot to show you the one Celtic Solstice 54-40 block from last weekend.  I couldn't wait once I had enough 4 patches complete.  This block is so much fun! It takes on 3 dimensional qualities when you view it from a distance.

What makes me hum along this week is finalizing what to do with the twelve BOM blocks that I finished last week.  I decided to use six 13.5" hourglass blocks to set the the top on point.

Good thing I bought a 15" ruler this week at Joann's.

What has me humming is that the fabric for those six blocks and for the side and corner setting triangles came from my stash!  Two of the greens were among those that arrived last weekend from Hillbilly Quilt Shop.

While the yellow check on the sides isn't very dark, I'm trying to use what I have and may have enough of a gold/marigold to use as a narrow inner border to help bring out the yellows in the blocks, which aren't shown here, a bit more. Today I will lay them all out and try to get the colors distributed evenly.

While taking a little break I sat down with the TV table and tools and finished squaring these little HSTs from my friends scraps.  Just a few more to press, at 1.5" the seams are pressed open, and they will be ready for their own little project, a pillow top perhaps.

Used this week: 0.67
Used YTD: 3.42
Added this week: 0 
Gifted this week: 0
Added YTD: 9.42
Net used YTD: -5.5

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  1. You sure have had a busy week. Your curved blocks are fun, great colors too.

  2. I love your flowers. I have yet to see some at home though they should soon pop out of the ground here. I love your Celtic Solstice block that is way cool.

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  3. Nice idea for setting your BOM blocks. I planted 9 small hydrangeas last year and the deer ate every one down to a nubbin. I'm hoping the roots had taken hold and some will come back. I love seeing the deer, but I hate what they do to my garden. They even eat my prickly hollies!

  4. Whoohoo your Easy Street is all ready for the quilt show. Good for you. I really like the look of your Celtic Solstice too. That will be spectacular when it's done. You have been a busy lady.


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