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Friday, January 7, 2011


I love books, don't you?  I went to library school and heard all about the virtual book and now these e-readers are out there, but for me nothing can replace cuddling under the covers and reading words printed on a page as a perfect end to my day.

To go along with this love of the printed word, I love to buy used books. As a grad student in Bloomington, IN, there were used book stores all over.  My sales resistance is at its highest in Borders or Barns & Noble.  There is a fantastic library here and I take my son weekly.  Why buy it when I can borrow it? 

The same sale resistance does not exist for used books - I can walk out of a used bookstore with an arm load.  I have 3 authors that I collect (Martha Grimes, Tony Hillerman, and Rex Stout) and I like to search for hardbacks in good condition with dust jackets.
This is not my copy. It is the first Nero Wolfe novel, 1934.

That said I also buy used quilt books.  Over the summer I borrowed Fat Quarter Fun from my guild library and decided I'd like to own it.  Yes, I keep a list of books to borrow from the library to "preview" before I buy.  Let's face it, one new book takes a big bite out of my fabric budget and with the proliferation of patterns on the net, well, how many quilt books do I actually need to own? Apparently 3 more!

The Cozy Quilts book was a Christmas present.  The other two I bought from used sellers for $.05 and $3.65 plus shipping - too good to pass up - $11 something for two books full of patterns!

Now I know there are people out there saying, "you should support your quilt authors."  Well, I hear the same thing about my LQS's and all the other independent businesses out there.  Well, used book dealers are independent business owners, too. My finances do not allow me to keep everyone in business, so we have to pick and choose. Since having the absolutely latest book from the printer on my shelf is not important to me, well, this works well for me. What works for you?


  1. I think you are very wise to buy used books. I used to do that all the time. Since we downsized to a much smaller house I just don't have the room for it any more. I do have a Kindle and you would be surprised I think to see how many free books there are for it. I do have quite a collection of quilt books but I read them just like novels....I love looking at them just to look, not to find something to make necessarily. blessings, marlene

  2. I also have a kindle and purchase very low priced or free mystery/thriller books. I like the kindle's ability to change the size of the font so I can read in bed without my glasses. I do have a growing collection of quilt books that I just have to have for 'eye candy' and instructions.

  3. I have a Sony reader that I love and borrow from the library for "real" books and the the e-reader. I rarely buy quilting books anymore unless I know I will actually make more than one project. I love all books, but budget is the bottom line.

  4. love to share some of my books with you Kris. I have to many just like to much fabric.


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