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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little bit of organization

The Christmas tree came down Saturday and I immediately got to work.  To work getting my sewing corner back in order.  I discovered that I cannot create in chaos - messes with my karma or chi or something.

A lot of what I did was just to put things away and clear off my table, get the cutting mat out, etc.  The big thing I did was to use this shelf for my batiks and empty a plastic tub.

This little shelf has been sitting around our house for years.  It was supposed to go in our pantry but since we cannot open our pantry door more than 90 degrees, these door shelves did not work. This is one is sturdy enough to stand on its own.

We have another one, very similar, but not as sturdy that will have to be hung on the wall.  I hope to get my FQs on that one. Now I can see what colors of batiks I have - lots of brown - and what colors I do not have....

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  1. Look at you go - way to get organized. I'm with Kris - I just can't sew or create when things are a mess. So, before stitching I always have to do some cleaning! Your sewing room looks great!


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