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Friday, January 21, 2011

Some"Be Merry" blocks done.....crazy week!

The snow has fallen here once again.  I love snow, but this time it is getting in the way of my quilt shop time - no Marti & Me Club last night and none this morning as the roads are still not cleared and it is c-o-l-d.  The silver lining is that after traveling for the first 3 days of the week, DH is home and snowbound, which means I get a break from being the only adult in the house and I get to sew - WooHoo!

I'm still working on that post-holiday slump.  That in combination with my consulting business, has kept me from getting as much done as I would like.
an example of records in storage

In my former life, before Dear Son, I was head of the archives department at a historical society.  For the past few years I've taken on some consulting jobs, no more than about 20 hours a week.  Well, I was all ready to sign an agreement for the next one only to find that the city I was going to to work with requires $1M coverage in each general commercial liability, professional liability, and business auto (since they are 2 hrs away).  Whew - had never heard of this stuff before, so since the New Year this month has been a learning experience.  It took a while to find out that such insurance is standard with municipalities.  However, since this requirement was not in the request for proposal that they sent me, I did not figure this expense into my bid, therefore, I am looking at about a 19% reduction in my profits.  Until I spoke with the insurance agent who told me that I could cancel policy when the job was done and get a refund, the cost was going to be 39% of my profits!  Since it was nor in the RFP, I was under no obligation to take the job.  Decisions, decisions - so, I've been a bit distracted to say the least.

Enough of that...sorry to bore you with some of my real life stuff.  On to more fun things!  The best solution for not being in the mood to sew is to hang out with other sewers!  From 6pm til midnight one Saturday a  month, my LQS is open for "sew down" - bring anything you like to work on, that isn't too large I've found b/c space is limited if there are several of us, and a snack to share, no charge.

I managed to select the fabric and get most of the cutting done for all but the last block of the "Be Merry" BOM blocks (some are here and here, too) so I just had to stitch.  That's a good thing b/c a rotary cutter in my hand after 7PM is an iffy thing on the safety scale - I am a morning person.

Next weekend - yes, one week from today, is quilt retreat!  Can't wait!  I love being able to concentrate on projects and getting something done but what excites me most -- NO HOUSEWORK!  No cooking, no cleaning, and no laundry!!

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  1. Whew - sounds stressful dealing with all of that - hoping it all works out! Love your blocks - and can't wait to hear all about your quilt retreat! Have a great time.


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