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Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilty Friends are Great and a "New" Iron.

"Congratulations on owning this fine quality product...

Its many modern features will make your every day more pleasant and enjoyable."

Quilty friend Cheri got on the case to find me a new, old iron.  She started using vintage irons a few years ago and is making converts of many quilters in our area.

See, lots of us know Cheri because she is a long arm quilter and taught for many years in one of our several area LQSs.  Cheri often brought a homemade snack for her students, to keep their strength up.

This one is a cute GE travel iron with a nice pointy tip.  Perfect for retreats, etc.

Cheri warned me that it would get hot.  Whewwee!  I had to turn it down to the wool setting to use on my cotton strips.  Unlike my other irons set to dry, this one pressed out the wrinkles and they stayed!

The little red lever under the handle switches between 120v and 230 volts.

However, if I need a little steam, check this out.  It's an attachment.
Fill it with water and screw it onto the iron!  Ha - loving the novelty of this little iron.

The instructions say that there was another cap that would allow for spraying, too.  That cap and the international travel plugs are gone, but that's ok - "it's cute as a button."  The receipt in the instruction booklet from a Famous Barr department store is dated 13 August 1968.

Cheri and I met for lunch and when she gave me the iron it was in this cute iron caddy that she made.  That's Cheri!!

Thank you, Cheri, I love it!!


  1. What a cute little iron. I love using the vintage travel irons, too! I am from southeast Missouri, and the Famous Barr store is located in St. Louis, MO. When I was little, we used
    to go downtown, and look at their Christmas
    displays in the window. PS. I also love
    your blog.


  2. What a great iron! My "old" one quit last winter and I bought a cheapy and keep looking at Good Will for another old one as they are my favorites!


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