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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stash Report Week 35


Looking back on my week I started to say, disappointedly, that I didn't get much done.  However, I did some more work on my scraps.

In fact, I spent about 8 hours total cutting scraps into strips and squares (when there's not enough for a strip).  Wish I had taken a few pics along the way.  Last year I decided cutting my leftovers into strip sounded like a good idea but I hadn't decided on sizes so I cut to whatever was available on the leftover, be it 1.5" or 2.25" or 2.75".  Well, now that I've listened to Bonnie Hunter and decided to standardize (I am an archivist with a library degree, standardization is my blood), I needed to go through these scraps one more time. 

No, all of my scraps are not cut.  The ones that I generated in my own projects are cut but I still have loads from my grandma and from my friend, Beth, to cut.

It also gave me the opportunity to make things more tidy and free up two slightly larger plastic bins.  I started keeping scraps in whatever plastic containers I saved from our recycling bin and then kept those in a larger tub.  These shoes boxes are much easier and there are now two boxes completely full of 2.5 strips that I have cut.  That doesn't include the two bali pops and three jelly rolls sitting around my sewing corner.  I may bookmark this post - I'll read it whenever I'm tempted to buy more fabric!

It was a funny coincidence that most of the cutting and organizing happened on the day of my guild meeting with a speaker, whom I had forgotten about, who talked to us about using up our scraps. And boy! did she bring the quilts to show.  She was local and I think she brought about 6 tubs of quilts!  Her name is Tea Mahone and she had scrappy patterns to sell but she doesn't have her website set up for selling them - shoot!  I woud've bought at least one if I hadn't spent all my cash on the applique workshop that the guild has scheduled for October. Check our her Exploding Star quilt - love it and she has directions for 3 sizes.

But, I didn't leave empty-handed - oh no!  You see, a member brought all kinds of stuff to give away and it is hard to pass that up! - patterns (all kinds not just quilting), magazines, a few books, and some muslin.  Well, I resisted everything before the meeting, even the muslin, and we all know one can never have enough neutrals.  When it was still sitting there and our intermission was almost over, well, I just couldn't control myself.  I took the lightest muslin piece (2.5 yds) there and the light gray fabric (1.25 yds).

Another, more experienced, member who was looking through the patterns said I got the best piece there.  The other pieces were unbleached and a tad heavy.  The gray is just an old solid, about 50" wide that will come in handy someday.

So, my stash increased again.  I'm putting this in the "purchased/won" column.  If I subtract my inherited fabric, and only look at the purchased/won year to date, I'm not doing too badly.  However, it's all that inherited fabric that reminds me not to buy more fabric.  Funny how that works, huh?

from the recipe's URL, not mine

I spent this morning in the kitchen. DH and DS were occupied and DH cleaned the kitchen a bit by doing a few dishes so I could cook.  Can't cook in an untidy kitchen! So, by noon the house smelled of bacon and spinach quiche, a double batch of tomato sauce for lasagna, and one pan of smores bread pudding.

And, I'm done today.  The sun is out and the Isaac rain has moved one - the rainy days didn't bother me at all!  We may even hit the St. Louis Zoo tomorrow morning.  Hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend!

Used this week: 0

Used year to date: 28.525

Added this week (purchased/won): 3.75

Added this week (inherited/gifted): 0

Added year to date (purchased/won): 33.131

Added year to date (inherited/gifted): 65.75

Added year to date total: 98.881

Net used for 2012: -70.356

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Have a great week!


  1. A couple years ago at a retreat two girls made that Exploding Star quilt top. It is striking and would sure use up a lot of scraps. Looks like yours are nice and organized now.

  2. I'm cutting my scraps for a Bargello and Trip Around the World using Bonnie's patterns. What ever's left either goes in a string box or crumb box. Which guild are you in? I'm in the St Louis area, too, but have never joined a guild. I do go to quilt club at Jackman's every month though. I'm enjoying your blog.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comments regarding my lecture, and yes, I did bring 6. Containers of quilts. If you want patterns, I can mail to you.

    Cindi, what side of town do you live? There are a lot of guilds in STL.

    1. I'm in Florissant. I think I'm just chicken, afraid I'm not good enough.


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