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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Favorite batting?


Just a quickie post to say - I'm a quilter again!!  I have spent the whole morning getting 2 UFOs ready to quilt.  Since I didn't want to go out and have to get something, I am combining a pretty good size scrap of Hobbs 80/20 with a twin package of it that's been on my shelf for a while - can you say Heat Press Batting Together - love that stuff.

I opened the package - and YUCK!!  Glad that isn't what people feel when they hug my quilts.  It's scratchy and stiff.  I often buy W&N by the yard. From now when I need a cheap bat, I'll stick to Fairfield's cotton - at least it is soft to touch.

What's your favorite batting?


  1. I'm a W&N girl, too. Or a W&W - all depends what I can get when it is on super sale at Joann's. I usually buy a full bolt of queen size and that way don't have to buy it too often.


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