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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where am I? (stash report week 32)

The excessive heat advisory left us Friday.  We went to the park for the first time in weeks with real temps below 95 degrees and the heat index below 110 degrees.  It was still hot but not AS hot.  Then it rained!  WooHoo!  I haven't watered the garden in 2 days now and the rain barrel has been refilled.
The heat is coming up again today.  If the above pic is any indication, it will be a steamy one.  Where do I live - the rain forest?  There is condensation on the outside of all the windows.  The dew point is 77 degrees. Can you say "steam bath?"

Glad we did most of our tax free shopping yesterday.  Missouri has a 3 day state sales tax holiday to "celebrate" back to school.  Not everything is tax free and not every municipality in the state chooses to waive its local sales tax and the state lists all these communities who opt out of the tax free holiday on a web site, so we know where to save money.  It includes shoes, clothing, computers.  So, I am now composing on a MacBook Air that my husband bought on sale and sales tax free, saving about $200 buying it this weekend as opposed to buying it last weekend at the Apple store in the mall.

We've had two PC laptops in the past 6 years, which I use for my consulting, and which have both lasted about 3 years before giving out - batteries quit working (even new ones), wireless connections going haywire.  DH assures me that this one will last more than 3 years.  It's so cute - I have FQs pulled for a laptop sleeve.

Well, you're not here for a weather report or for a new computer update, are you?  On to the quilting stuff!!

Here are my little flowers for this week.  Receiving 4 hexies in the mail from the Inchy Swap got me motivated (this post).  I've been cutting and basting and digging in my scraps/stash and getting a these little cuties together.

Head over to Pigtales and Quilts for more pretty flowers (and they aren't just hexies).

 Are you signed up for the Wantobe Quilter campaign over at Stash Manicure, 5 days of prizes this week through October?

If you are a blogging quilter, you just leave a comment on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you are not a blogging quilter, or if you are just starting out on your quilter adventure, here's what to do.

Yesterday afternoon my de-cluttered sewing space was calling my name.  I made an origami bag to hold my embroidery threads for the Clover & Violet QAL.  After all that folding of 18" squares my bag turned out to be mighty small, about 6".

There are tutorials for these little bags everywhere, but here's the one that I used because it had nice step by step pix.

The only thing I need to do is add the cording - I don't even have any ribbon in the house to use.  Isn't that always the way?  We have all this "stuff" in the house but the one little thing you need to finish a project you don't have!

As soon as I feel like cluttering up my newly tidied sewing space, and wrestling with 4 yd and 6.5 yd cuts of fabric, I will start getting the setting kit ready for my Victory Quilt.  I finished the last 2 blocks this week, finally (this post).

Nothing was added to my stash this week - WooHoo!

This week's numbers:
Used this Week:  0.5
Used year to Date: 47
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date:  75.425
Net Used for 2011:   -29.425

Head over to Judy's blog for more stash busting reports. Have a great week!!


  1. Congrats on the new computer! We had a couple days where it got cooler too, it was so nice to get walking again. Cute little hexies and your origami basket is neat!

  2. Cute cute flowers! Looking good! 3 for you and 4 for Kathy! You 2 were on the ball!

    It has cooled down here considerably as well. Hubby will start putting our tobacco crop in the barn tomorrow so less heat is welcome right now.

  3. Ohh..polka dots flowers :) lovely..

  4. It's hot here too in IA and we don't have a/c and I did some canning this a.m.!

    Cute hexies. They almost make me want to make some! Maybe when I'm finished with my 30s tulips and my...

    Cathy L

  5. That IS steamy!!! Yikes.

    Your hexies are so pretty. Great job on the flower garden.

  6. It is HOT and humid here too. I will really be ready for fall this year. We are supposed to get some rain tonight. I have my fingers crossed.


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