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Sunday, August 28, 2011

High Hopes... (stash report week 35)

...for this week!  For the first time since spring, I can concentrate on some quilting projects.  Since I've been doing the stash report, DH has been asking questions like, "so, how many quilts do you think you could make with the fabric you already have?"  Hhhmmm...a hint?

Also,  hoping that my step brother and his family in Virginia are ok.  He lives near the coast and the Potomac River.  We just had dinner with him this week when he was in town for business and he got home just in time to prepare for Irene. I've been searching for news of his town/county.

back to some quilty things....
Here's my flower garden addition.  Next week it may not be all alone, we'll see. Stop over at Pigtales & Quilts to see some lovely flower garden additions this week.  

One thing I got done this week was some cutting.  If you remember all the fabric my friend, Joyce, gave me last weekend, well DS gave me a break one afternoon this week and I started cutting.

I think there are over 100 charms here. This includes most of the fabric from Joyce and from my polka dot FQs.

I also cut a few 2" strips for my flower garden.  From the strips I cut rectangles 2.5" long.

Then I grabbed my scissors and sat down with my hexie template.  Yes, I can use squares but I don't like the looks of the squares on the back so I trim off the corners.

Now I have quite a pile of hexies to baste.

Our early morning sun does not help my photos.

I also got a start on my Clover & Violet QAL block #5 after spending about 4.5 hours at the pool yesterday. (For $23 admission we meant to get our money's worth.  Plus, DS was having a ball and tried a little swimming on his own!)

Once home, I needed to prop my feet up and relax - all that pool time wore us all out!

We have a new quilt shop opening in our area on Sept. 6th, "Merrily We Sew Along."  The owner already has a shop in Springfield, MO, that I've visited so I also have high hopes for a new personality as far as LQS's go.
Here are the numbers for this week - no change whatsoever!  At least I didn't buy anything!

This week's numbers:
Used this Week:  0
Used year to Date: 47
Added this Week: 9.25
Added Year to Date: 92.425
Net Used for 2011:   -45.425

Head over the Judy's at Patchwork Times for more stash numbers.


  1. I didn't realize there were so many polka dot fabrics! I just stopped by to smell the flowers!

  2. Wow - you were quite the cutting fool. And the answer to your hubby's questions is one, and I might need to get some more fabric to finish it!!!

  3. Oh to love 'em!

    Have fun sewing this week! Enjoy your time you've earned it!

    I can't wait to see your polka dot flowers! So beautiful!

  4. You have really been busy, I bet it was fun to sit down and relax cutting some fabric! Your polka dot hexie is cute!

  5. Your polka dot garden is going to be so cool!

  6. I'm a polka dot fan.I just love polka dot fabrics. I can't wait to see your flowers.

  7. Love the garden addition, hope you get more blooms in the next week.

  8. Your polka dot flowers are going to make a neat project. To prepare your hexis do you starch and press or iron and glue? You have lots of hand stitching in your future! My family is in Maryland and Virginia so I'm with you in my quest to learn what was going on. My Mom's power (MD) was just restored today since 8:30pm Saturday. VA Beach and Richmond family are still without. Sandi

  9. I have never been to that shop in Springfield, I need to check on that next month when I go down.

    And as for your husband hinting...ah, men have their toys too and they are more expensive!


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