At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

At it again... (stash report week 33)

Hollyhocks survived the heat and bloomed, too.

First off - we had lovely weather this week.  Mother Nature turned the tables in our neck of the woods.  We even turned the AC off for a few days and enjoyed nightly lows in the 60s - in August!

So, to celebrate the cool temps, the high today predicted to be about 83 degrees, we will be staining our deck.  We didn't get it done this spring since it was so wet.  DH isn't very happy about it, but, it has to be done.  DS, who is 4, can't wait to help.  I just hope he doesn't get more stain on himself than on the wood - yeah, right!

With life and other events, I didn't personally add to my flower garden this week.  However, I did receive one flower and some paper templates from Jane of Want It, Need It, Quilt It as a "welcome" package to the Inchy Hexagon Swap. 

I've been working on flowers for my partner in the swap - one down, one to go.  I'll show them to you after they arrive at their destination.  Head over to Pigtales and Quilts for more flower gardens.

The fates are conspiring against me!  A new Joann's opened near me and the Grand Opening was this week.  Then, there are lots of sales and I've been able to resist the online sales, but my LQS had it's annual FQ coupon - 20 FQs for $25 (can't pass that up, right?!).  So...I added a lot of fabric this week.

I tried to fill some gaps in my stash by getting yellows and oranges.  Let's not forget the polka dots - even a dot batik.  The large batik cuts are actually half yards, substituted for 2 FQs.  Apparently a FQ got dropped somewhere b/c at checkout we counted 16 and here there are 15 - oh well, still a great deal.

One advantage of a metro area, I live within 15 miles of three quilt shops, two Joanns, and two Hancocks. With the Joanns Grand Opening I stood in line 3 days and twice was among the first 100 in line and got two $10 gift cards.

One of those days I met a local artist who does photography and painting, especially nature but also portraits.  We had a great conversation passing the time and exchanged blog addresses - please take a moment to check out Barabara's blog and her web site and say "hi."

With coupons, etc., I paid about $2.85 for a king size Mountain Mist Cream Rose batting (102x120), in anticipation of some big finishes once my consulting gig slows down in a couple weeks.

I felt and judged and bought some cuts of fabric at Joanns.  The 2 yards of brown will be border and binding fabric for the Scrappy Friendship Quilt (most of which is Joanns fabric).

Of course, the gray and navy polka dots 1/2 yards are for hexies.  They are also to get me 16 more charm squares for a project I will do "one of these days" with the dotty charms I received in a recent swap.

Sew, here's the damage!!!!

This week's numbers:
Used this Week:  0
Used year to Date: 47
Added this Week:  7.75
Added Year to Date: 83.175
Net Used for 2011:   -36.175

Head over to Judy's blog for more stash busting reports. Have a great week!!


  1. I'm drooling! I can't pass fabric without getting my hands in it, and have more than I will possibly ever use. But that doesn't stop me! I stopped in for How Does Your Garden Grow. And fell in love with your blog! Will be back again.

  2. What great fabrics! That must be fun to live that close to so many LQS's and 2 JoAnns! Your flowers look great and we have had some cooler weather also, love have the windows open.

  3. I wish I lived that close to my JoAnns and LQS! But I know my hubby is glad we don't. lol

  4. Love your hexie! Pretty fabrics. It's hard to turn down sales, with the price of cotton especially. You just have to sew smarter (at least that what I'm telling myself!).

  5. Lovely new fabrics! It is hard to pass up those sales, but it looks like you were smart about your purchases. I hope to better organize my stash later this year so that when the sales pop up I can fill in where needed. Good luck staining your deck!

  6. Very cool fabric choice. I am always afraid to try something different, but it looks great!

  7. I also had a Joann's grand opening this past week that I went to with 3 friends. There was a line when we got there so one of the friends went to the front of the line and counted ladies in line. When she got to us she was in the 60's so we were all going to get the $10 cards. The ladies in front of us and behind us were happy to hear that we were all okay. The four of us also went to a quilt shop that is closing in a couple weeks so we spent money there too. I got enough fabric for a quilt top so I was happy. This all took place here in Georgia.


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