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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Small tasks accomplished

This was the last block to piece for my Victory Quilt (Eleanor Burns) that I started as a BOM in 2009.  The Y-seams were daunting, although I did the first 3 in the sewing shop, so I had a little help in the beginning.  Then, I miscut the handle pieces at retreat, way back in January, and didn't bring any extra fabric with me, so back into the box it went.  Finally, when I realized that I am so close to getting 4 large quilts to the "ready to sandwich" stage, I figured I needed to get this baby done.

Turns out poor "Fala" also needed some finishing touches, like stitching around the fusible and giving him a nose, mouth and an eye.  Now, I am ready to cut the setting kit - my favorite kind - simple sashing and cornerstones! 

Then I will have to make decisions about the border.  The swag border with stars in the book is lovely.  Just not sure I will like this quilt enough for all that work.  You see, lots of fabric has been brought into my house since 2009 when I purchased a FQ bundle from Connecting Threads to make this quilt.

That's when I made my lasting vow not to buy fabric for a big project online unless it's a line that I've seen in person.  I was disappointed in the fabrics b/c they were a bit duller than expected and with 2-3 light exceptions, they were all of medium value.  I had to buy some additional darks to make the blocks work for me.  So, some plain ol' borders might be just the thing for this quilt, but I will wait until it's together to decide.

One of these days I might get the hang of photographing my quilts/blocks.

Sunday evening I finished embroidery block #3 for the Clover & Violet QAL.  I am working on block  #4.  Trying not to fall behind - the stitching is rather relaxing.  It's fun to play with the perle cotton.

Now that my sewing space, i.e. the basement family room, is clean - I feel creative.  While my house won't make it into Better Homes and Gardens, the clutter really makes me tense and grumpy.

Thanks to my DH, who is home with a cold, for letting me do a little more this afternoon while he played video games with DS!!!!

Head over to Confessions of a Fabric Addict for more Friday finishes.


  1. Another UFO heading to the completion line! Great blocks :) Your stitchery block is beautiful!

  2. Great blocks! I love the Fila!

    BTW I have some free stitchery designs on my blog.

  3. So close to so many finishes - good for you - love the dog - very different.

  4. You are getting more done than I. I won't tell your hubby that you are thankful that he got sick. LOL

  5. Your blocks are so pretty - whoop whoop!!!


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