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Thursday, April 12, 2012

BINGO cards

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks and several friends are hosting a Bingo game for their "May for Me" celebration.  Click the link for details.

Given all the scraps in this house, it seemed an easy task to find 25 two and half inch squares.  This post is to link up and show the "key" to our cards.

B:  Paisley, Plaid, Colts, Bowling balls, Cat
I:   Rooster/chicken, "Lucy", Ladybug, Butterfly, Cricket
N:  Urns, Paddington, Free (green), Dog, Holly
G:  Buttons, Pumpkin, Cow, Flowers, Jigsaw
O:  Pawprints, Vines, Fabric, Fox, Gloves

When I asked DS if he'd like to help me pick out some fabric, he said, "OK."  Then, he said that he wanted his own Bingo card.  Sew, we cut 50 two and half inch squares to make 2 cards.

B: Flowers, Dinosaur, Horse, Bobble, Fox
I:  Butterfly, Bowling pins, Backhoe, Sparkles, Pinwheels
N: Paddington, Sailboats, Free (green), Cat, Pigs
G: Bowling balls, Stripes, Hockey, Plaid, Blue swirl
O: Colts, Pawprints, Bag, Teddy bear, Cowboy

We duplicated a few of the fabrics - easier cutting for me - but placed them differently.  I hand pieced my square while we traveled over Easter weekend but I did DS's on the machine.  The letters are just fabric markers.  I used the handy dandy envelope method and then quilted them so I wouldn't have to put binding on something so small.

*Edit - check out more Bingo cards over at Hillbilly Handiworks.

Have a great day - Namaste.


  1. I did the envelope method too...much faster. These are's almost time!

  2. I love the "buttons" square on yours and the "hockey players" sqaure on DS's Bingo Card! Thanks for linking up and joining in the fun of the May for Me Bingo! Enjoy your day!

  3. Both great cards with so many cute things to look at! Oh, Paddington is there!! Thank you for linking up.

  4. What fun making your Bingo Card with your son. Will make playing much more fun....

  5. Very cute...and how fun to be playing along with your son!

  6. Two very nice cards! I love your fabric bundle block.

  7. Kris, with literally hundreds of little words to log down I want you to know this is what i put down to call out on your card, "Colts/words" will be called as "colts"; Rooster and chickens will be called together (i'll say both), I love Lucy will just be called as Lucy, Paddington Bear will just be Paddington, fabric bundle will just be fabric, fox and chickens will just be fox, and gardening gloves will just be gloves. I do this to ease confusion. You might want to edit your list on your post to reflect this. I will let you know later the changes that I make on your son's list. (some will be the same as yours). He is just further down on the list than you. I linked him up separately and I'll let you know when I get to his card/changes. Thanks!


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