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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stash Report Week 18 - 200th post celebration

This week has not been a very productive one. It took me about 3 days to  recover from spending 5 days out of town, with DS in tow, cleaning out my grandma's house.  After almost 50 years, there's a lot of drawers to empty.  I'm not done yet but at least DH will go with me next time.  

Yesterday I finished my messenger bag with an inset zipper so I can carry it on vacation. The stripe fabric came from Grandma's and the polka dot came from the estate sale where my mom bought tons of fabric.  I used directions in The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam to add a zipper.  It's not perfect but I can't wait to carry it.  It went together really easily.

I mailed hexies to my Inchy Hexagon Swap partner.

And, I received some, too.  Aren't they pretty?!

These are some others that I made.  I have bunches of squares packed for our trip.

When I got home Monday afternoon, there was an email from Tonya telling me I had won a pack of milliner/straw needles on her blog, Hillbilly Handiworks.  They arrived this week, along with a pretty little fat quarter that could make some interesting hexies, depending upon how it's cut.

The needles are wonderfully slender and slide so easily through the fabric.  However, they have the tiniest eyes I ever seen.  My needle threader barely went through the eye!  Gotta use some thin thread with these.  I'll use them more while on vacation and see how well I like them after doing a few hexies!

I finally counted the rest of the fabric from my grandma's house.  There's about 10 yards here. The pieces on the left are the biggest.  The Christmas print is about 54" wide.  If it doesn't go on the back of a quilt, it may become a table cloth.

I'm overdue for a giveaway.  It was my 200th post about 8 posts ago.  This embroidery pattern caught my eye as soon as I saw it and it seems quite appropriate for stash report Sunday, so I bought one to share.

Please leave one comment telling me what you like most about the month of May.  For me, it's my birthday month and it's "the month of May" for the Indy 500.  I will not be able to reply to all your entry comments this week.

To enter you must leave me a way to contact you.  "No reply" bloggers will be disqualified unless you leave an email address in your comment.  I must have a way to reach you.  If the prize isn't claimed in 3 days, I will have RNG generate another number.  The giveaway ends at midnight Saturday May 5th.  The winner will be announced in next week's stash report post.

Now for the numbers:

Used this week: 1.125
Used year to date: 17.025

Added this week (purchased/won): 0.25
Added this week (inherited/gifted): 10

Added year to date (purchased/won): 19.431
Added year to date (inherited/gifted): 41

Added year to date total: 60.431
Net used for 2012: -43.406

Please click over to Patchwork Times and see other stash reports.

Have a great week!


  1. You'd be right on track if you didn't report the inherited/gifted stash, so don't be too hard on yourself. It's not like you lack willpower and bought lots (as I did).

    May for us is the end of school and a much less crazy schedule since the Drama Teen doesn't have as much going on.

  2. I dread having someone going through my things after I am gone. I had to clean out my aunt's house, so many happy memories, and it was so sad to pack up her things and take them to the second hand store. It will be easier having someone to be there with you, to help you. Love the big polka dots on the inside of your bag and a great reminder of both your mom and grandma.

  3. It took close to two years before my sister and I felt ready to tackle the boxes from my mom's sewing room after she passed, but the memories that came back (and still do when I come across a piece of fabric I saved.)

    Congrats on reaching 200 posts! The thing I like most about May is that the winter/spring rains finally come to an end and I can get outside more. This May is going to be extra-special as I am off to an amazing trip to Italy in less than two weeks.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. May is wonderful for blooming peonies. The smell of fresh dirt. Bright blue skies.

    Grandmother's fabric--how wonderful. A couple of years ago I gathered up Christmas prints from my mother and grandmother's stashes. Those pieces went in 2 quilts made of only Christmas fabrics. I love to touch the fabrics I know came from them--memories!

  5. Your grandmothers fabric is a wonderful gift to remind you of her for many years to come. She will be looking down and smiling when she sees you use it.

    May is one of my favorite months because it signals time to plant the garden and warm, sunny days and lots of pretty flowers.

    Congrats on your 200+ posts. Time sure flies by when your having fun, right?

  6. Love your messenger bag!! Congratulations on 200+ posts! My favorite thing in May is planting my hanging baskets & getting the seeds into my garden. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  7. May...the month of flowers and rain and graduation and SUMMER and the month I will have my grandkids for two weeks between school getting out and dad getting off work!

    Love the bag...

  8. You have been busy!.
    Although a little bit late, Congrats for 200th posts. Many more on the way.
    your hexies are so pretty.
    The month of May is a roller coaster to me.
    It is my birthday,
    It was my mother's birthday and
    it is the anniversary of mother's death too.
    Celebration of a life and celebrating each day!
    ps: the month of may is particularly special when we have all the orange tree's blossom. That makes me smile! I love the smell, the plain white flowers, the marvellous perfume, the bees.

  9. I love that the flowers start to grow and the garden looks lovely...what I don't like is that the weeds grow too! We are so far behind with our gardening this year because in April it rained nearly ever day.... Linda

  10. Congrats on 200 posts. May is a very busy month for us. We are trying to get the garden planted, yard clean from the winter, and lots of other outside chores done. Plus, it is full of birthdays: dh's, mom's, granddaughter's, and 2 nephews; Mother's Day, and usually a graduation or 2 to attend. Even though it is a busy month, I still like it. It is the beginning of our summer routine.

  11. Sometimes I like May if we haven't had an early summer......It's like summer hear and humid...yuck.

  12. I love your stripy messenger bag!
    May is my mum and my youngest son's birthdays! My mum died in 2000 but she would have been 98 this year and my son will be 18!!

  13. Here in Florida, it is comfortably warm, and the greyness of winter has vanished. May is the month for bright greens, and lots of blossoming flowers! It is our most colorful time of year, and I love it!

  14. Congrats on your 200th post. May is always a month of reflection, look toward summer the celebrations and festivals.


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