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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In bloom...a garden post

We all know by now that everything is early but there are few plants in my yard that I know for a fact are one month ahead of their usual blooming time.  Lilacs are one of those plants.  They are usually in full bloom for my birthday during the first week of May.  They're out now!

I love lilacs!  They were the first shrubs I planted when we bought our house and we purposely put them right next to the front door.

These are dwarf Korean lilacs.

Here are some scenes around the backyard.  I've been making trips to our local park and getting a few pots full of free mulch.  A little bit at a time gets the job done eventually.

Solomon's seal

Unfortunately, the bleeding hearts are looking a bit ragged with our temps in the 90s the past two days.  They really don't like the heat.

perennial geranium

Other plants have been showing signs of heat stress - poor things, all that new growth isn't ready for these high temps.



blue eyed grass

knockout rose

Allegheny Viburnum.
Evergreen but no sweet smell.
We're getting ready to go back to Indiana, so I'm not doing any sewing.  Still ironing the white fabric from Grandma's stash.  I did cut up the smallest scraps with the 2" square die in the GO! Baby yesterday.  In about 15 minutes I had about 85 squares cut.  It takes a teensy bit of time to place a small scrap just right on the die to get one or two squares but it's easier than making four teeny cuts with a rotary cutter.

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