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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stash report week 14, and more

Same pic, just as pretty this week.
This is my 200th post!  Whodathunk!  As soon as I get myself more organized, there will be a giveaway.

Last weekend I was at my grandma's house in Indiana starting the long, hard task of cleaning it out.  Of course, I got to the quilts and quilting supplies.  Since DS and I went alone in the SUV, which is whole story unto itself - let's just say DH saw to getting a new fuel pump in the car ("OUCH!" says the pocketbook), I had room to bring back some boxes filled with about 6 quilts and two unfinished tops.    I will do a post and show those to you when I'm feeling a bit less overwhelmed!

This weekend is our area shop hop.  My quilty friends and I piled into the only car that hold 6 (thanks, Joyce!) and hit 7 shops yesterday in Illinois and Missouri.  Guess what I bought - no fabric! You will see why later.  I bought three little items in three shops and did not spend more than $5 on a single LQS purchase.

No, I spent my $12 at the chocolate shop down the street in Highland, IL.  Since it's the weekend before Easter, I bought DS some chocolate covered homemade marshmallows, a chocolate covered twinkie, and some peanut butter and caramel eggs and other things.  YUM!!

No projects have been tackled this week.  Well, I did get my March hexies mailed out to my partner in Australia.  DS and I need to get out Bingo cards done for Tonya's May for Me Bingo.  At first he wanted to share my card but then he decided he wanted one of his own.  So we sat down and went threw a tub of fabric and he decided what pieces he wanted.  Then I sat and cut!

I brought home a box or two of fabric from Grandma's house. Old fabric, mostly, although I found some FQs that Grandma bought when we visited quilt shops 2 summers ago in Wisconsin.  Here's what most of it looks like now.

It didn't always look like this.  Most of it was unfolded and who knows where it all came from.  Some of it leftovers from making garments.  And some it is garments!  There's a lovely piece of burgundy with white flowers that is about three gores of a what's left of someone's skirt.

It all went into the washing machine divided mostly by color.

The lights.

The reds.

The blues and blacks.

The greens.  Grandma always liked green.  The walls of her house were mint green when I was a kid.

And the whites.  Most of this is sheeting, I think.  When I iron the pieces I can tell for sure if they're all cotton or if they have a touch of poly in them.

And iron them I do!  I need order to the chaos!  At some point I need to figure out how much is there.  There are 3 stacks:  1/2yd or more (which is usually less than 1.5 yds), less than 1/2 yd including small pieces, and a teeny stack of FQs.

Sew, my conclusion to the stash report is that  I have used nothing and I have added to it.  I just don't know how much as I am not done ironing and I'm not counting til I am done ironing.  To be continued.......

Here's last week's stash report that I didn't get linked up.

Used this week: 0
Used year to date: 15.570
Added this week: ?????????
Added year to date: 19.181 (???????)
Net used for 2012: -3.611

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Have a great week!


  1. Don't think you should count your Grandma's fabric. I would consider it a treasure. A gift from your Grandma. Sounds like your son's Easter basket is going to be filled with lots of yummy treats. Enjoy your day.

  2. Nice fabric you got from your grandmother. Yes, add them to your stash. Probably don't need to count it in your stash report since you didn't buy it, haha.

  3. Did you enjoy the Shop Hop??? I misssed it this year. Was busy quilting a customer quilt and trying to get organized! Nice that your grandma quilted too. What fun going through someone elses fabrics.

  4. Can't wait to see pics of your grandmother's quilts. I bet she would be so happy that you will cherish all of her quilts and fabrics!


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